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  1. @vitor Oh man I am such an idiot. You're completely right. The thing that tripped me up was that I forgot I had apparently selected "Keep the display awake" in the Caffeinate Control workflow options - this is what that had me thinking CoffeeCoffee "wasn't working." Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for all your great workflows!
  2. ================================================ EDIT: This post is wrong and I am dumb. The workflow works great. ================================================ This workflow doesn't seem to work for me. The toggle in the Alfred results correctly changes when I turn this on/off, but it never actually effects my machine -- my mac still always goes to sleep regardless of whatever I set CoffeeCoffee to. However, the Caffeinate Control workflow does work for me. Here's what's really weird: if I have both workflows enabled, an
  3. There may be a better way to do this, but this is what I did, and now the Caffeinate Control workflow works for me. I tried to make a step-by-step guide for you. Hope it helps! Step 1 Open up Alfred Preferences and go to the Workflows tab In your list of workflows, right click "Caffeinate Control" and do Open in Finder, like this: Step 2 Now you should have a Finder window open to the Caffeinate Control workflow directory, like this: I have highlighted the 2 files you will be editing: conf-and-help.scpt and library.sh Step 3 Open conf-and-help.scpt, which will la
  4. That did the trick. There were 2 files in the workflow directory that had a couple hardcoded references to "Alfred 2" - changing them to "Alfred 3" fixed it. Thanks!
  5. I also got this problem after updating to Alfred 3 - the Caffeinate Control workflow just stopped working. In the meantime, I've downloaded KeepingYouAwake and made a small workflow to toggle it on/off. It works well, but I'd prefer to go back to Caffeinate Control as it doesn't require any third-party software. Hopefully the workflow gets fixed soon!
  6. dingyi's updated domainr workflow works great for me now! https://github.com/dingyi/Alfred-Workflows
  7. Ah, that's lame. But thanks for the info!
  8. Love this workflow but it stopped working for me recently As soon as I start typing a domain, it just gives me Alfred's fallback web search options.
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