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  1. 1.8 * Updated OneUpdater (thx@ vitorgalvao), replaced NSAppleScript by a normal RunScript(JS) that handles the latest installed Alfred (no matter if we switch to Alfred 4..5..6 in future), fixed connection issues by changing file_put_contents to curl and extending url_get_contents(). https://github.com/eusi/alfred2-twitch-streamer
  2. Doesn't matter. I just needed a way to get rid of "Alfred 2" in tell application "Alfred 2" to search "workflow soccerclub " & q AppleScript wasn't required. Another script also fine. It was a simple issue: If a user uses Alfred 3, he cannot use the workflow, because of this line. In far future, there could be a Alfred 2- 3- and 4-user that is using the workflow. It would be crazy if everyone needs to modify this line to make the workflow work ;-) So thanks again for fixing *beer ahoy*
  3. Oh, I missed thing here... Well better late than never ;-) I works well, thank you very much!
  4. 1.75 * Added OneUpdater (forum post) that allows you to update the workflow out of the box (it checks for updates automatically every 15 days and downloads/opens new versions). Changed the usage of Terminal to Run Script (no opened terminal any longer during watching stream). Thx@ vitorgalvao. https://github.com/eusi/alfred2-twitch-streamer
  5. 1.74 * Replaced file_get_contents() by an own created url_get_contents() that is using curl. It seems file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 on the new macOS Sierra. https://github.com/eusi/alfred2-twitch-streamer
  6. 1.73 * Livestreamer has not been updated so far regarding Twitch API changes. => Added a workaround to the workflow without requiring a livestreamer update to make it work. https://github.com/eusi/alfred2-twitch-streamer
  7. 1.72 Regarding twitch API changes, added client id to every request Regarding twitch API changes, changed string encoding of images Hence all game covers are renamed or replaced https://github.com/eusi/alfred2-twitch-streamer
  8. Hey, first of all: what I want to do, is to call a ScriptFilter via another. Lets say we do "workflow soccerclubs" that gives us a list of soccer clubs. After we clicked on one of em, Alfred updates to e.g. "workflow soccerclub Real Madrid", which lists every player of the team. Currently I do this via a "Run NSApple Script": on alfred_script(q) tell application "Alfred 2" to search "workflow soccerclub " & q end alfred_script Now, when Alfred 3 is released, this doesn't work for everyone. My first solution is a workaround, that checks every time, if Alfred 3 is installed, then use Alfred 3, otherwise use Alfred 2. To use such call everytime, is a bad approach. What I need is something like this_alfred in AppleScript or another possibility to call a ScriptFilter via another ScriptFilter (compatible in Alfred 2 + 3) Best regards, eusi
  9. 1.7 Changed vjpg-branch to master Modified terminal command: Quits Terminal automatically Deleted twgame Added twgames (top streamed games by viewers) Added twbygame, similar to the old twgame
  10. There is another version (1.6) of this workflow (it uses jpg instead of png) cuz some people don't get current version work since they updated OSX to Yosemite. If your version 1.52 still work, you need no update. Otherwise try 1.6: Download 1.6.0 switched cover-format from png to jpg (due to issue#1) cleaned up code
  11. Nice ideas juanpazos. But I think at the moment there is no "smart" way to do this. As far as I know IMDB provides only a poor API which is not able to give you what you want. Good example, movie "zigzack", only one result: http://sg.media-imdb.com/suggests/z/zigz.json First of all, nice they provide JSON, thats fine. But you can see, that there aren't many informations to grab in this JSON. No rating, no list of starts, etc. Second example, second problem: http://sg.media-imdb.com/suggests/z/zigza.json One more letter and ... "access denied". Max. four characters allowed. Hopefully IMDB improves their API in near future, then we are able to make a really good imdb-suggest-workflow for Alfred 2. Until then we could force it with html-parsing. I'd not recommend to do this.
  12. 1.5.0 - 1.5.2 Big Update Added twgame (search games) Added twcover (download and convert game covers) fixed sort order bug, thanks to tyler and andrew already added some covers
  13. Ah ok, now I got it. Yes you both are right. If I delete the UID the sort order is correct. It was a misunderstanding by myself. I thought, if I give Alfred the array-index (correct sort order) as UID, so he will sort the list with this index correct. But he didnt need it ^^ Thanks again Tyler and Andrew!
  14. 1st: Thanks for your answer! The JSON I parse has the right order, so my array has it also I think. Due to "foreach ($s as $key => $sele)" Alfred should handle the order because $key (array-index) represents the UID. Yes, I use UIDs (s.a.) but Alfred got new UIDs after the method fires. You can see the UIDs also in the screenshot (39, 2, 1, ...). Strange :-/ The broken lines are always the same: 1st line in result list = last entry. Line 2-5 are mixed. Line 6-40 are correct. Check my screenshots again. Ofc! Workflow: DOWNLOAD
  15. Hey Tyler, haven't seen the post before, thank you! This link leads me to my solution: Run NSAppleScript on alfred_script(q) tell application "Alfred 2" to search "keyword " & q end alfred_script Have a nice day ;-)
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