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    Alfred results sorting based on usage

    I will argue that if you have DELIBERATELY assigned the shortcut "f" to a workflow, then Alfred should not DELIBERATELY ignore your decision in order to present a result that is a less accurate match simply because it is more frequent. And the basis for my argument is simple: EXPLICIT BEHAVIOR SHOULD ALWAYS SUPERSEDE INFERRED BEHAVIOR. Doing the opposite takes control away from the user, and is ultimately disrespectful of the user's expressed instructions. And if the user doesn't like the results of the user's explicit choices, the user is free to change them to achieve a different result. On the other hand, if the user doesn't like what is being INFERRED about his or her behavior, the user must change the upstream behavior in order to change the device inferences. In the best-case scenario, this is merely irritating; in the worst-case scenario, this is IMPOSSIBLE if the user doesn't understand the inference. To bring this full circle: I use Firefox 100 times a day, and the "f" keyword maybe 10 times a day. There is only way to force Alfred not to present Firefox as the first result: DUMP FIREFOX. I would have to switch to a browser that does not begin with the letter "f" in order to make Alfred not "infer" the wrong guess when I type "f". Do you understand how extremely frustrating this is? Insulting, even? But since you reject these principles, we will part ways from here. I will look for a competing product that more fully respects my choices as a user.
  2. sfsdfd

    Alfred results sorting based on usage

    None of my workflows require or even permit an argument. My inquiry is way simpler than all of the questions here suggest: * I have a workflow with a keyword "f". No parameters. * When I type "f", I don't always get the workflow with the exactly matching keyword as the first result. Sometimes it's Firefox; sometimes it's a different workflow with a keyword that starts with "f," such as "files." That's it. That's the entirety of the problem I'm experiencing. This is occurring because Alfred is presenting all of the items with tokens or keywords that match the query (partially, wholly, whatever), and insisting on sorting them by some kind of usage criteria: total hits, frequency, recency, etc. I don't want any of that. I simply want it to present, first and always, the workflow with the keyword that most fully matches the query. Perhaps this means that workflows should be treated differently than other types of search items: files, applications, preferences, etc. The rest can be sorted by frequency, that's perfectly fine - but Alfred should always present, first, workflows with keywords that at least partly matches the query. Even if they haven't been accessed recently, or frequently, etc. This distinction is simply a reflection of the deliberateness of the user's action in choosing to assign a keyword to a workflow, which is (a) much more direct and explicit than inferences based on usage, and (b) behavior that is fully within the user's control.
  3. sfsdfd

    Alfred results sorting based on usage

    First, it's not about speed: Alfred responds almost instantly, but frequently with the wrong recommendation. Second, it's not about search paths. I keep my default results very slimmed-down specifically to cut down on noise in the search results. Here's my entire default results set: Essentials: Applications, Preferences Extras: None (everything unchecked; Advanced is empty) Unintelligent: Unchecked Search Scope: /Applications, /Library/PreferencesPane, /System/Library/PreferencesPanes, ~/Library/PreferencesPanes Include folders in Home (excluding ~/Library): Checked Fallbacks: Only show fallbacks when there are no results That's it. I'm trying to bias Alfred as much as possible toward my keywords. The bottom line is that Alfred is apparently too "smart" to apply the simplest, most straightforward result. I use Firefox a hundred times a day, so much that I have it mapped to the keyword "w". And yet, because I use Firefox a lot, Alfred constantly pushes it to the top of the "f" list - superseding the "f" workflow keyword. Please fix this. I've been asking for this for years, and I'm just about done with it. Competing products do not seem to have this problem.
  4. I've used Alfred for years, and I'm a Mega Supporter - but my frustration level with Alfred's behavior is peaking, and frankly I'm on the verge of dumping it. I use Alfred as a keyword-based launcher, and probably 95% of my searches are intended to invoke workflows by keyword. If I create a workflow with the letter "f," then when I enter just the letter "f" - exactly matching the workflow keyword - then I want it to launch that workflow. I want it to do that every time, and I don't want to have to look at the menu to see whether the "f" workflow is option #1 or #2 or #3, etc. For the life of me, I can't get Alfred to do that. Alfred's "smart" search routine frequently insists on sticking other results into first place on the menu, EVEN WHEN MY ENTRY EXACTLY MATCHES A KEYWORD. Sometimes "f" is the "f" workflow, but sometimes it's Firefox, and sometimes it's the "files" workflow instead of the "f" workflow simply because I use "files" a lot. Yes, I've reset Alfred's knowledge. No, that isn't a solution, because Alfred then places the workflows LAST in the list for some absurd reason. If I deliberately enter the keyword and then deliberately select the workflow, it might learn the association...temporarily. This flaky behavior has gotten worse of late. I've raised this issue before and have been told to deal with it. Unless somebody's got a solution, I'm going to start shopping for Alfred's replacement.
  5. I've created some workflows that run Python scripts stored at some specific locations. In general, everything's going fine, but there's one thing that's bothering me a bit: I'm running them by choosing "Run Script," selecting the language as Bash, and then entering the script as "/usr/bin/python script_location script_parameters." This just seems clumsy to me because Alfred actually can call the Python interpreter directly, instead of through bash like this. The problem is simply that the "Run Script" dialog has no way to specify a location of a script: you can only specify the actual contents of the script. I don't actually want to store the Python script itself inside the workflow. Does this seem odd to anyone else? Anyone have any solutions?
  6. Oh! I see! I've been too steeped in JavaScript recently. I presumed that {query} was a static variable from the initial trigger, and that it got passed into every further action but wasn't mutable. I see now exactly what you mean: the query or {q} for each step is the output of the previous step. That makes perfect sense and answers a lot of questions, and will help my script development. Thanks very much!
  7. That's what I suspected - thanks for the verification. I'm surprised that Alfred's functionality isn't more robust in this respect. (AppleScript + notification window) and (console session + notification window) must be very routine combinations. Both AppleScript and console sessions can provide output, in the form of stdout. Why not include {output} as an option for the notification center? Seems like a very simple option to implement, and would open up a nice range of functionality.
  8. Er... no. http://imgur.com/a/L1uw9 I tried a few variations, like adding curly braces to denote it as a variable - no improvement.
  9. Very simple question here. My workflow runs a simple script, and assigns stdout to a variable: All I want to do is to show script_output in the post notification, but I can't find any way of doing that, I can set the "Text:" field to either "{query}", which inserts the query text - or I can input raw text, which it just treats as raw text. I can't find any way to specify a variable name other than query, and have Alfred treat it like anything but raw text. Little help? Thanks...
  10. sfsdfd

    Keyword matching is (still) really inconsistent

    That option was set, so I've turned it off to see if there's any improvement.
  11. I have a folder with a lot of subfolders, all of which have well-structrued names - let's say that all of them are three-digit integers (/Files/001, /Files/002, etc.) I'd like to set up an action in Alfred v2 where I can entry a keyword and a query term - e.g., "f 002" - and have it show the contents of that folder in Finder. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to achieve this result: * The "Open URL" action allows the argument for the command to be added to the URL (by inserting "{query}" into the URL), but I can't find a way to use that functionality to open a local folder in Finder, rather than a URL in a browser window. * The "Open File" and "Launch Apps / Files" options will only accept specific files or folders - and these need to be dropped into the pane of the action, so I can't even try using the "{query}" technique to specify the folder name with a wildcard. * I can kludge it with a terminal command, but this option insists on opening a terminal window showing the command, which I then have to close manually. Any ideas?
  12. I've been using Alfred since the v1 days. I've frequently encountered the following problem, and it appears to be worse, rather than better, in Alfred v2. My primary use of Alfred is to accept an assigned keyword, and perform a really simple action: Open File, Open Folder, Open URL, etc. I use that action probably 30 times a day, and I use all of Alfred's *other* functions maybe once or twice a week. However, Alfred's ability to match input in the search box to these keywords is extraordinarily inconsistent. Let's say I've created an action for the input keyword "files", which is linked to opening a folder. Often, typing "files" will result in Alfred suggesting that action first - but not always: * Sometimes, Alfred will show the "files" keyword action as the second, third, fourth, etc. option in the list. Often, the options presented before it are pretty strange - e.g., random filenames that happen to have the word "files" somewhere in the path. * Sometimes, Alfred won't show the "files" keyword action AT ALL - it doesn't appear anywhere in the list. This is especially true for keywords that are a single letter, like "f" or "d" - those keywords don't show up in Alfred's list. * Sometimes, Alfred will show the "files" keyword action as the top option while I partially type the keyword into the search box (e.g., when the search box reads "f", "fi", "fil", or "file") - but when I enter the full keyword "files", Alfred *switches the top option to something else*. This behavior is extraordinarily irritating. * On the off-chance that I happen to select the wrong option (particularly in the latter example), Alfred kind of cements that selection in place: for the next like 10 or 20 times I try typing in the keyword, the wrong option keeps showing up as the #1 suggestion. Frankly, I am mystified as to how such a simple feature could be so totally botched. I understand that one of Alfred's strengths is that it has a learning aspect - but when Alfred "learns" to suggest 10 options before the one explicitly specified option that EXACTLY matches the input string, then Alfred's learning has become a crippling handicap. It shouldn't be difficult to insert a hard-coded rule that if the input EXACTLY matches a keyword, ALWAYS show that option first. Anyone experiencing similar bugs?