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  1. ASCII Characters Workflow Really want a tab character? Or the HTML entity for one? Maybe an unusual character like the "not equal to" sign? This workflow might be for you! Usage Type the keyword "cha" then the name of the character such as "equ"; "cha equal". Want the character? Hit <enter> Want the HTML? Hit <shift><enter> Want the ascii number? <ctrl><enter> Installation Download at Github https://github.com/blainesch/alfred-ascii-search/blob/master/ASCII%20Search.alfredworkflow
  2. Activity Monitor ============ Miss your windows computer? Install this workflow and get Ctrl+Alt+Delete hotkey to open up Activity Monitor, similar to the windows os. Download Now Screen Shots ==========
  3. Can you give me any details? What version of php is running? Any erorrs in an error log file? What chrome version you are using? Edit: I am using PHP 5.3.15 with Chrome 31.0.1650.63. I did a fresh install of the plugin and it's working great.
  4. It's worth mentioning that Alfred records your usage for 30ish days in a sqlite database located at "~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Databases". So even though the incognito browser won't record the url, alfred will.
  5. Chrome Bookmarks Frustrated with current bookmark searchers I created this with SPEED in mind. I tried out many methods and languages for creating the fastest bookmark searcher without dependencies, just plug and play. This is the final result. This will search all of your bookmarks very quickly using fuzzy matching to easily match names and urls of your bookmarks. For instance "foo" might match "food" or "flood warning" or even "flounder" using n-gram to rank these results. View and Contribute on Github Direct Download Thanks for looking!
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