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  1. How do you have 2 Dropbox copies installed? Or rather, how does Dropbox itself differentiate between the two? I currently use the value stored in ~/.dropbox/host.db to know where the "Dropbox" folder is located on the hard drive. When there are 2 copies of Dropbox installed, where does the 2nd copy store information about itself? A folder other than ~/.dropbox/?
  2. It's certainly possible. I think to do it right, we'd need a configuration page or something... some way to indicate where to send the files. And while we're at it, probably an option to copy vs. move them.
  3. Ok, I figured it out. The API library was asking for a "media" link in the case of direct URLs, and directories are not considered "media". The latest at http://db.tt/A3eZqMAr should fix it. Duane
  4. BTW, the workflow has been approved for "production" by Dropbox so as many people as would like to use it, should be able to now. I had to remove the dropbox icon from the workflow (at least for approval--my personal copy uses the logo anyway Here are the branding guidelines: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/reference/branding Here is the "approved" workflow with changed icon (also, renamed to "Dropbox Quick Links"): http://db.tt/A3eZqMAr Duane
  5. Here's what I get in the Console.app log: Alfred Workflow[22033]: Creating a link for a directory is not allowed. (Dropbox::API::Error) [query: /Users/duane/Dropbox/Books]
  6. I've applied for a "production" license for the app at Dropbox. I'm not sure what they'll do--I've never applied for one before. If you want to access it in the meantime, you can get your own development key for the app, and then replace the dropbox_app_key/dropbox_app_secret in the bundle_settings.yml file in the workflow's directory.
  7. Good call. I hadn't noticed that the underlying dropbox-api library didn't offer support for this. I fixed it and sent a pull request to the original library. In the meantime, the workflow has been updated and re-downloading the link above should give you a version that supports getting links for folders as well. Duane
  8. Reload the original download and you should get a new Command+Shift+Ctrl+D hotkey for a direct URL link to the file. I also trimmed the file a bit, so it's under 2 MB now Duane
  9. Yes, the full URL is supported by the dropbox-api ruby gem. Maybe I could create a Command+Shift+Ctrl+D alternative for the full link?
  10. Yeah, it comes with several Ruby gems as well as images for the HTML "success" page. Some of it could probably be trimmed down, but in today's bandwidth I didn't think 3MB would be an issue.
  11. For any file in your Dropbox folder, this workflow shows the dropbox short link URL (e.g. http://db.tt/1LkWGVJF) and copies the link to the clipboard (Cmd+Shift+D): 1. Select a file in Finder (must be a file within your Dropbox folder, e.g. ~/Dropbox/Photos/MyPhoto1.jpg) 2. Press Command+Shift+D 3. Authorize the workflow to use the Dropbox API (only if this is the first time) 4. The shortened link pops up and is copied to the clipboard. It uses OAuth in the background to connect to Dropbox so you can authorize the Alfred 2 Workflow without storing passwords insecurely. For those who
  12. My use case: I have a *partial* local store of "issue tickets" as well as a *complete* remote store of tickets. When the user types "ticket <search term>" I want to be able to show tickets that have previously been cached in the local store. A "cache hit" is a likely scenario: users often search for tickets that they have previously visited. However, it isn't good enough to only show tickets in the local store IF there are further matching terms, OR there have been remote updates to tickets previously cached locally. Therefore, I would like to show an initial list of matches, fol
  13. Looking through past posts, it looks like many of us workflow developers are encountering a similar problem: how do we both [a] respond quickly to user input and send results to Alfred, and load data from slow external sources that we depend on to show results to Alfred. Here are several discussions about this topic, from different angles: Displaying Items As They Echo http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/228-displaying-items-as-they-echo/ Refresh script filter xml after first echo http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/222-refresh-script-filter-xml-after-first-echo/ Refresh workflow htt
  14. +1 to JSON output for script filters. XML is heavy.
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