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  1. It doesn't exist. You'll have to create multiple keywords and link each of them manually.
  2. List them at the bottom, perhaps? Seems similar to the right click menu in macOS, which lists registered services from different installed apps:
  3. You can also set it as a fallback result so that it always appears (at the bottom of the Default Results panel): Select Ecosia from your Custom Searches: And now it'll always appear:
  4. Ah true, nice! But yeah, I'd be content with a modifier (option + →) to action the first item in the Default Actions list... Will you also enable drag-to-reorder this list?
  5. Yes, exactly. I want to search for an app in Alfred and then immediately show its most recently opened files. But thanks for the suggestion!
  6. I know that other launchers have this capability and maybe I'm just missing the incantation, but is there a way to access an app's recent documents w/o first going through this intermediary menu? Say, by holding a modifier and pressing →?
  7. @glgray Whoops, fixed! Thanks!
  8. Got it, makes sense. I'm sure an overhaul of the editor is a major undertaking — it would be really cool if it looked and behaved similar to Quartz Composer, Origami's Patches system¹, or the Audio Hijack Audio Block configurator²... ¹ ²
  9. Performance seems to be a tricky thing to diagnose, since it might be related to the individual's system specs or other configurations... but I believe I've noticed pretty consistently that larger workflows (i.e. with tens or hundreds of objects) has really choppy/jerky rendering performance when scrolling around. I expect the kind of dampening scroll effect in Apple Maps, but perhaps I'm comparing apples and oranges? I recorded what I'm seeing when scrolling around @vdesabou's epic Spotify Mini Player workflow here: https://dropover.cloud/aac3de Hopefully
  10. Yeah, probably not worth digging in any more if it's something weird about my setup. Not sure how it got set, which is why I reported it in the first place. It's only worth addressing if it's something that other people might experience too.
  11. Right, that would make sense, but it's not active: I have remapped my caps lock key to activate Alfred using Karibiner Elements... here's what I'm seeing:
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