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  1. Ah! Fair enough! Here's the problem I keep running into though... so little support for OpenSearch! I was able to use Quora to create a custom search though, I so I may have enough to get started... but why did it put the icon in a [seemingly] random location (I expected the icon to be in ~/Library/Alfred/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred-searchio/icons)? { "icon": "/Users/messina/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.51A5FA2A-E885-40D1-BA84-6270978DBFFE/icon.png", "jsonpath": "$[1][*]", "keyword": "quora", "search_url": "http://w
  2. You could do this with Quicktime, though you'd need to convert the GIF to a movie file compatible with Quicktime. Once you do that, use this menu option:
  3. Thanks for the inspiration! Here you go: 🎩 Download here Lemme know what you think! Alfred doesn't support the text-shadow effect so I could only get the colors.
  4. Ok, I read through your comments and I'm still missing something. I don't mean to be daft, but a real example would be super helpful to get me started. So for example, I have a Custom Search for Chrome Extensions. What files with what content would I need to create to add this and the attached icon to the Searchio Workflow Data folder? Title: Search Chrome Extensions for {query} Search URL: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/{query}?hl=en-US&_category=extensions Keyword: extensions Thanks!
  5. Ok nice — took a look and yes, this seems directionally where I want to go! I read your docs but I'm a little confused about the Adding Engines directions. I've opened up the /engines folder and presume that I add an individual .json file for each additional search I want to add? Does the filename matter? (I see that the icon and search file names do need to match)
  6. Ah, this is great! What I'm struggling with are the tensions between: discrete shareability — making it easy to share individual custom searches maintainability — making it easy for people to add/remove custom searches that they've made/discovered given that OpenSearch metadata seems to be in decline convenience — I really like how I can use a CSV to update a List Filter. The method you suggested means creating individual workflow objects for each search (or copying and pasting, like you suggested, which I'll likely end up doing). I don't mind this, but was looki
  7. I have a bunch of Custom Web Searches and would like to publish them online and make it easy for people to install them. I have some ideas on how I might go about doing this, but it seems like it'll be pretty inefficient for others to install them in a batch. I don't suppose there's an easy way to import or export all of your custom web searches? Additionally, I like adding custom icons to each search... but when I copy the URL for sharing, the icon is left out. There's no way to fix that (i.e. binary encode the image in the sharing URL) is there?
  8. Ok, chalk this up to... "working as intended" but "not as expected". I must have had an older set of preferences previously synced to ~/Dropbox/Alfred, and those pre-existing preferences took precedent over my more recent preferences. Anyway, I moved my preferences location back to ~/Application Support/Alfred, deleted the Alfred folder in ~/Dropbox (and emptied my trash), and then once again moved my prefs to ~/Dropbox, but this time to a clean directory. Everything transferred successfully! 😅
  9. Today I switched the location of my Alfred Preferences to ~/Dropbox/Alfred. I had previously synced my preferences with Dropbox and somehow (I don't know when) Alfred moved its prefs back to ~/Library/Application Support. After I restarted Alfred with the new preferences location, it appears that I've lost many custom searches, themes, and workflows. It seems like those missing items aren't totally gone, but I don't know how to safely merge my local prefs with my synced prefs. I currently have Alfred, Alfred 2, and Alfred 3 directories in ~/Library Application Support. Th
  10. Ha, no — I've seen it. I'm joshing though. I understand your position @deanishe as a core community contributor here. I know that suffering fools is challenging, but it's tough when you are a fool (such as myself) and being fearful of playing the role of the fool on the way to obtaining mastery. There's ignorance and there's laziness, and stubborness in either affect is frustrating. Not that I know either of you well, but of course I've also observed you both on this forum, and you're quite idiosyncratic. @nikivi tends to think out loud, sharing each of his thoughts as
  11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just never want to piss off @deanishe. 😱
  12. Pretty cool. What are you using as the backend for this site? Looks like you're interested in eventually offering paid workflows?
  13. Cool, thanks guys. I think I will switch to moving my larger individual "toolkits" and themes into individual repos so there's a clearer separation of issues, releases, and linkability. I'll keep my /alfred-app directory for my GitHub Pages though. @nikivi thanks for your tips and resources...! I still want to learn more about your Web Searches workflow and writing Workflows in GO. Maybe I'll get started on that next week!
  14. @Bombhills I've just published a simple Sonos Toolkit that you might find useful!
  15. I first released my Sonos Workflow back in 2015 (!!), and then Sonos split their app into S1 and S2 and so I took the opportunity to update my workflow with new iconography and to make some other improvements. It's still pretty basic, but it meets my needs (which is primarily controlling playback). @karimkaylani made a much more powerful workflow called the Alfred Sonos Controller if you want to be able to interact with your Sonos system. 🎩 Get the workflow here This workflow supports the following keywords: previous, pause, play, shuffle, next,
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