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    chris reacted to Andrew in Window Width   
    @woowoo the minimum size is 400 as smaller than this is unusable with some of the sub views. Is there a specific reason you need less than 400px?
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    chris reacted to AlexMartinFR in Mojave Accented Dark & Light Themes Collection + Theme Switcher Workflow   
    Hello everyone,
    Here is a full collection of themes to embrace macOS Mojave's new Dark and Light themes and their respective accent colors!
    Each one hase been carefully designed with a pinch of the accent color's hue in each element.
    I've chosen to respect the low contrast Yellow Accent color shipped by Apple in macOS, despite not being fond of it.
    It comes in Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Gray, each with a Dark and Light variant.
    You can have the color you want, as long as it's not black! 
    There is now a workflow made for this themes collection, which allows you to switch easily between Dark & Light mode, and select your Alfred theme's accent color.
    Here is a quick demo:

    TL;DR: How to Install ?
    You can find all the previews in High Res and link to each theme on Alfred's website on my repo:

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    chris reacted to AlexMartinFR in Mojave Accented Dark & Light Themes Collection + Theme Switcher Workflow   
    I added a workflow to go with this set of Themes, you can find it on the same Github repo in the Workflows folder
    It features two commands :
    "theme" : toggle between Dark & Light themes for both macOS & Alfred.
    "theme red" : switch to the Red Accented Alfred Theme.
    Here is a screenshot of the MojaveThemeSwitcher and its options:

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    chris reacted to cama900 in macOS Mojave Theme (Dark mode) switcher   
    I updated the app to make it easier to choose wether or not to toggle the Alfred theme, as well as support for toggling the theme of the Sourcetree app.

    Download Workflow
    View on GitHub
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    chris got a reaction from jhein in Sonos Playback Control & Search   
    I was hoping to find a playback controller for the Sonos desktop app but only found Jeff Johns's "Sonos Sound Controls" workflow, which unfortunately only offered volume control hotkeys.
    I tend to do a lot of playback control using keywords, so I set some up for Alfred. I'm an AppleScript noob, and Sonos doesn't really support AppleScript, so this was kind of a pain, and pretty hacky. There were some useful posts from 2008, but otherwise, I was kind of stabbing in the dark.
    Download here.
    There's support for the following commands using the 'sonos' keyword: search, play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up/down, and mute.

    Feedback and suggestions welcomed.
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    chris reacted to hzlzh in [Workflow]Shorten URL (support goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/)   
    Shorten URL (v1.1) - download here
    Github Page:
    This workflow support URL shortener like below. You can use Hotkey to trigger without open Alfred input window.
    goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/ If you want more URL shortener services added, please let me know, .
    Choose some long links (e.g Command + A), then press `Command + Shift +L`, choose goo.gl and you will get the short link in your clipboard with notification center triggered.
    How to use this workflow without copy/paste?
    Just use trigger HotKey, check out this wiki issue here:



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    chris got a reaction from MacGeeky in Google+ Workflow   
    Sweet! Thanks for this!
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    chris reacted to MacGeeky in Google+ Workflow   
    This is a workflow based on the "Search and Share on Google+" workflow by the user Chris on this forum.
    The only flaw in this workflow is that it doesn't grab the URL from the browser automaticly, with this update/workflow it will.
    To share a URL to Google+ with this workflow, you do the following:
    Use the keyword 'gplus' and select 'Share a link on Google+' (or setup a keyboard shortcut) to activate the sharing of the URL from the frontmost tab in your browser.  If you'd like to add a comment - write it after a space between the gplus keyword and the comment you would like to write.  

    Supported Browsers:
    Google Chrome Safari Firefox Opera  
    Creds go to Chris for this one!
    Download the workflow here
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    chris got a reaction from Tyler Eich in FR: Set custom font-face for Appearance themes   
    Thanks Tyler! I searched but didn't see that thread!
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    chris reacted to ctbeiser in Typeface options   
    I was very excited to be able to choose another typeface in Alfred 2, because of my deeply felt hatred of Helvetica. I had it all planned out: Avenir Medium. It was going to be a thing of beauty. I upgraded my powerpack license, thoughts of beautiful type circling in my head... I punched in my activation code, and... Chalkboard? Marker Felt? Impact? Surely jokes... but no way to set Avenir to be my typeface of choice? Truely, my heart crumpled. I beseech you: please grant me Avenir.
    TL;DR: I want to be able to choose Avenir as my theme's typeface. Choosing any font would be my preferred, but just Avenir would be alright as well.
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    chris reacted to vdesabou in Share using Mountain Lion Built-in Sharing (Version 1.11)   
    Use built-in sharing introduced in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion directly from Alfred!
    This workflow is using the amazing command line terminal-share
    You can call directly share command (or use a hotkey) if you just want to share a message.
    If you want to share a file (image, video or any other kind), you can select it using a File Action, or set a hotkey.
    It currently supports all services except sinaweibo,youku and tudou (I can add them in a future release).
    Based on the type of the selected file, services proposed will change.
    Here are some examples:

    Download the workflow
    Download the workflow below and open in Alfred.
    Download Workflow
    Move to GitHub 1.10:fix AllayOop version 1.9:Added hotkeys to call built-in facebook, twitter, imessage and email 1.8:
    Fix problem introduced in version 1.7 with files names with spaces 1.7:Fixed a bug where image was not displayed in the sharing window 1.6:Start Droplr if needed before trying to upload 1.5:Added support of droplr (using cmd modifier). It will upload selected file to Droplr, and then paste at the end of the message the url. It only works with facebook, twitter, imessage and email (other services don't use message). 1.4:Improve handling of special characters 1.3: The terminal-share is now included is the workflow Twitter issue is fixed Minor fixes 1.2:Added abilitity to cancel file sharing by selecting the Selected file entry 1.1:Support of Alleyoop 1.0:Initial Version Creditsterminal-share
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    chris reacted to jga23 in Rdio   
    any plans to integrate this with the Alfred Package Tool so we can easily check for updates?
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