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    Cicilia reacted to Kasoki in Cyberduck Favorites: Open a connection with Cyberduck favorites   
    Cyberduck Favorites
    Open a connection with your Cyberduck favorites


    This workflow will list all your Cyberduck bookmarks and open them if you select them Source code at Github: Cyberduck-Favorites Powered by alfred.py Should support Alleyoop Download it here: Cyberduck Favorites.alfredworkflow  
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    Hello guys!
    Just wanted to share workflow I created for Mountain Duck app.
    Heavily based on Cyberduck Favorites by Kasoki

    Just use "md" and "mt" keywords for searching your bookmarks list of ftp\sftp\basically any type of server to quickly mount\unmount or ssh to it. 
    It's based on apple script menu bar item click integration, but is very reliable, at least for me.
    Happy for any kind of feedback
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    good work.
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