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  1. cands

    cd plus for Alfred

    Really useful, great with the history! Thank you!
  2. I also think Keyboard Maestro could be a good alternative.
  3. Thanks very much, it works perfectly and is very handy!
  4. Thanks for updating the workflow for OmniFocus 3! It works great for me on macOS 10.13.6/Alfred 3.7/OmniFocus 3.0.1. A feature request: The workflow has a lot of options to list all tasks with certain criteria, but there doesn't seem to be a way to just list (as complement to search) all tasks in the inbox. That would be useful when there are not too many tasks in the inbox (personally I normally have less than five inbox items).
  5. Great, thanks very much, this will help a lot! Thanks for fixing the official release!
  6. @deanishe Thanks for explaining. Your idea of adding one more “all” column and stuff everything else in there (with low weighting) sounds great! I fully understand that you don't want to put more time into this workflow since you don't use it yourself. Thanks for all your efforts so far. Other users should be able to continue the development after your final release; I'll try to contribute myself, if time permits.
  7. Thanks again for this great workflow. To make it even more useful, is it possible to include more fields to search in the “Search all fields” function? Ideally I think all user-contributed fields would be valuable to include. As an example, for Item Type “Presentation”, the workflow does not return any results when searching for terms in the field “Meeting Name”, which would be handy to quickly find all items for a particular conference etc.
  8. cands

    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 3

    It works fine with Evernote 7 for me (v9 beta 1, Evernote 7.2, Alfred 3.6.1, macOS 10.13.5), at least the functions I use (mainly searching using the 'ens' and 'ent' commands).
  9. Just wanted to say thanks (and I bought you a beer) for this powerful and simple-to-use workflow! I recently needed to send a large amount of emails based on an Excel-sheet with relevant information in several columns. It was pretty straightforward to extract the needed data with your workflow and create the text for each email.
  10. cands

    Cardhop Workflow

    I did some brief tests and can confirm that it seems to be working fine now with Swedish characters, thanks very much for the quick update!
  11. cands

    Cardhop Workflow

    This workflow is great! I have one issue though: Cardhop crashes when sending a command including any Swedish characters (å, ä, and ö), e.g. 'chs text jönsson'. Cardhop works fine if I write the same command ('text jönsson') directly into the application, so I figure that the crash is related to how the workflow treats international characters. I guess users working in other languages may be affected, too, so it would be great if this can be fixed (I'm using version 1.2.1 of the workflow with Alfred 3.6.1 on macOS 10.13.4).
  12. cands

    Typinator Set Converter

    Great workflow, thank you! Seems to work well from my brief testing. A feature request: would it be easy to also implement converting the other way around, i.e. from a .alfredsnippets file to a .txt file (or .txt-rep which Typinator uses for updating sets) that can be imported to Typinator? That would also be most useful.
  13. Any chance you could add cc/bcc functionality? I have another feature request that I guess is easier to implement, sometimes I want to add a group of people to a mail I'm currently composing, it would then be very nice to be able to use MailTo to find a group and copy the names/email-addresses as plain text that can be copied into the composer window. This may be useful for other purposes too, e.g. when compiling maillists in a document etc.
  14. You're right (as usual), thanks! I had written "IEEE" in the Workflow Environment Variable CITE_STYLE. That is a valid style. However, after removing it the workflow is working again. When using the built-in function to set the cite style I can now use IEEE, and I see that CITE_STYLE has been set to "http://www.zotero.org/styles/ieee" (I now see in the manual that you recommend to adjust the CITE_STYLE or LOCALE variables by using the zotconf keyword). Wow this workflow is super handy, thank you very much!
  15. This seems awesome, but I can't get it to work. For any keyword (also 'zotconf') I get the error “'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'”. I'm using Alfred 3.2.1 on macOS 10.12.6. I paste the debug log below. Any ideas? Starting debug for 'ZotHero' [2018-01-16 00:46:00][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] . 00:46:00 workflow.py:2055 DEBUG ---------- ZotHero (0.2.0-beta) ---------- 00:46:00 workflow.py:1462 DEBUG reading settings from /Users/xxxxx/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred.zothero/settings.json 00:46:00 workflow.py:2339 DEBUG update check not due 00:46:00 zh:580 DEBUG args={'--bibliography': False, '--help': False, '--style': None, '--text': None, '--title': None, '<id>': None, '<query>': u'', '<style>': None, 'attachments': False, 'citations': False, 'clear': False, 'config': True, 'copy': False, 'fields': False, 'locale': False, 'notify': False, 'reindex': False, 'search': False, 'select': False} 00:46:00 core.py:49 DEBUG [core] cachedir=u'~/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred.zothero' 00:46:00 core.py:50 DEBUG [core] zotero_dir=u'~/Work/References/Zotero' 00:46:00 core.py:51 DEBUG [core] attachments_dir=None 00:46:00 core.py:109 DEBUG [core] storage=u'~/Work/References/Zotero/storage' 00:46:00 core.py:110 DEBUG [core] styles=u'~/Work/References/Zotero/styles' 00:46:00 cache.py:300 DEBUG [cache] opening store 'styles'... 00:46:00 cache.py:300 DEBUG [cache] opening store 'modtimes'... 00:46:00 workflow.py:2074 ERROR 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name' Traceback (most recent call last): File "./lib/workflow/workflow.py", line 2067, in run func(self) File "./zh", line 610, in main return do_config(args['<query>']) File "./zh", line 332, in do_config log.debug(u'Default style: %s', style.name) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name' 00:46:00 workflow.py:2076 INFO for assistance, see: https://github.com/deanishe/zothero/issues 00:46:00 workflow.py:2097 DEBUG ---------- finished in 0.070s ----------