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  1. Where can I set Alfreds window width in the theme editor? Can't seem to find that option.
  2. I’m trying to achieve something like fuzzy file search with Alfred. For example sometimes I know the exact file name but have multiple duplicates of the same file in different directories. Say I want to open an index.html file and I know it is in the following directory SiteA/index.html but I don’t want to enter the whole path or navigate through the file system with Alfred. I wish there would be something like a wildcard query: */SiteA/index.html or */SiteB/index.html Or a smart file search like “index.html SiteA” so I could gradually refine the results. This is not possible as of y
  3. I finally got it to work as expected. Thanks deanishe for your help! http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/7294-spelll-check-spelling-of-last-typed-word/
  4. Here's a simple workflow that checks the spelling of the last typed word via the Alfred spell command. Just press the shortcut and the last word gets automatically selected and spellchecked. Select the correct spelling and hit enter to paste the correct word (you have to select "Paste word on action" in Alfred's Dictionary settings). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3142787/Spelll.alfredworkflow If you changed the command you're using to spellcheck then you have to change this in the applescript within the workflow. It's pretty straight forward. Any suggestions are very welcome!!
  5. Thanks for your message deanishe. I posted a screenshot of a version that actually does what I want. Only downside is that when I invoke the shortcut I get a pop sound, that you would get when you try to do a shortcut that is not available. This is because when I invoke the shortcut nothing is selected and I try to push the selection into the Script. I'm aware that I'm not using it but else the workflow won't work. It's a hacky implementation but maybe somebody has an idea how to fix it?
  6. Is this possible? Basically I'm trying to invoke the keyboard shortcut alt shift left-arrow to select the word to the left of the cursor key. Then I want to start Alfred with the keyword "spell" and the just selected word. That would make a nice and simple spell checker (I hate the automated one). I could assign the whole workflow to a shortcut. Is this somehow possible?
  7. Voila, simple and functional. Dieter (right-click: save as)
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