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  1. Got it. And I tell the thing it's a match group because it's in parenthesis, right? I think I managed to modify it for a different part of the workflow already, too. Thanks again!
  2. Amazing. I won't pretend to understand what any of that does, but it works, so thank you!
  3. Yessir, the site-sandbox bit varies from site to site that this would run against. The domain root domain would not change.
  4. Gotcha. If the input URL is: https://site-sandbox.app.com/app/customers/60072f1901cf6356xxxxxxx/event/600740cb5daf2a0yyyyyyyyy The bits that would need to be part of the output URL would be: site-sandbox (which would need to change to site-sandbox.api) 600740cb5daf2a0yyyyyyyyy (from the end of the input URL)
  5. The core URL does change (I just edited my last post to reflect that). The starting URL is site-sandbox.app.com the resulting URL is site-sandbox.api.app.com
  6. It's been a day, sorry. Input example: https://site-sandbox.app.com/app/customers/60072f1901cf6356xxxxxxx/event/600740cb5daf2a0yyyyyyyyy Output Example: https://site-sandbox.api.app.com/v1/conversations/600740cb5daf2a0yyyyyyyyy
  7. Input example: https://site-sandbox.app.com/app/customers/60072f1901cf6356xxxxxxx/event/600740cb5daf2a0yyyyyyyyy Output Example: https://site-sandbox.app.com/app/customers/60072f1901cf6356xxxxxxx/event/600740cb5daf2a0yyyyyyyyy Right now I'm doing it with 5 different steps (replacing various parts of the URL), but if there's a better way, I'd love to hear it. And since it's a URL, is there a way to make the selection focus on the address bar (I was going to use AppleScript with `tell application "System Events" to keystroke "l" using command down` as a simple way to do i
  8. Aha. That does it. Now I just need to figure out how to only get it to match the first 24 character string and not the second one and I'll be good to go. Thanks for the help!
  9. I'm building a (fairly simple) workflow that uses the Selection in macOS function to grab a URL and rewrite parts of it. The one bit I'm struggling with is this: This should grab a 24 character alphanumeric string in the URL and replace it with nothing. But it's not working. I confirmed the Regex is correct in a few online testers, and the rest of the workflow is replacing its bits correctly. What am I missing? An exmaple, my test URL is: https://testsite.com/app/customers/60xxxxf635xxxx/event/600xxxx10fa5exxxxx5d0b077 The various parts of m
  10. And now, after telling Alfred to rebuild its cache as one last whim, even though I've done it 5 times already, Spotlight seems to have fixed itself. Maybe it was my reboot. Maybe it was luck. But in any case, it seems to have fixed itself, so I'm all good.
  11. I know this isn't directly related to Alfred, but since it's affecting my use of Alfred, I thought someone here might have some insight. An external drive of mine is acting up in that Spotlight won't index the subdirectories of some of my directories. Alfred finds (because Spotlight has indexed it), for example, /Video/TV Shows, but not /Video/TV Shows/anything-in-there Same with /Video/Movies, that top level shows up, but none of the folders within. The only thing fishy is that I've explicitly added /Video/TV Shows and /Video/Movies to Alfred. If I rem
  12. I spoke too soon, re-enabling Spotlight didn't seem to fix the issue. The Metadata checker finds the right info now and permissions all look good, but most of my apps still don't get found by Alfred. What else can I try?
  13. As usual, I spent half an hour trying to re-enable Spotlight on the new drive in Terminal, fighting everything along the way. Come to find out, there's a setting that for some reason was running against the new Drive: My new drive _was_ list there. Removed it. Rebuilt the cache in Alfred and voila, magic. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @Vero!
  14. Hey @Vero That URL redirects to https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/mdls/ so I don't see a step 4 there to try. I did re-enable Spotlight in Bartender and it's not finding any of my Applications either, so something's amiss there. I ran some checks on that, and it looks like Spotlight indexing and searching is disabled on the new drive: /: Indexing and searching disabled. /System/Volumes/Data: Indexing and searching disabled. The normal commands to get it running aren't working, but I can't figure out why. I'll contact the manufa
  15. Last weekend, I swapped my primary drive in my Trash Can Mac Pro to a new one. It went swimmingly. Alfred no longer finds anything in my /Applications folder. I've tried: Rebuilding macOS Metadata, Clear Application Cache, removing and readding the directory to my settings. It's still not finding any of my Apps. What am I missing?
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