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  1. As a test, I moved the Alfred.preferences file to a new location and let it sync on my desktop. Then I updated my laptop. Then, I grabbed the export of the workflow that wasn't syncing before and imported it. It showed up right away on my desktop. So, I guess moving the preferences file around kicked whatever was unhappy and now it's fixed.
  2. In reading through some older forum posts, it sounds like different versions of macOS can cause syncing problems. My two machines are on different versions, but always have been (my work machine is always a version behind because IT are slow to approve upgrades).
  3. Up until recently, my preferences and workflows synced between machines wonderfully. Something recently broke and I'm not seeing workflows sync anymore through Dropbox. I know Dropbox is syncing on both machines, as I just dropped a file from my desktop machine into it and I see it on my laptop almost immediately. Both Alfred instances are set to sync from my Dropbox folder. But for some reason, the workflows aren't syncing. As a test, I create a new one on my desktop and don't see it syncing over to my laptop. However, if I delete the Alfred.preferences file from Dropbox, I see my workflows immediately start disappearing from both machines. So the syncing is working right, but just not for new workflows. Any pointers on what I should look for to troubleshoot this?
  4. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I think I'm going to go with the simpliest option of prefacing the setup options with : I'm also going to consider making some changes @deanishe suggested around the keywords and using external files and whatnot. I already made the change to the "tell application" stuff. Thanks again!
  5. I feel like I've seen other workflows do this, but I can't find one to copy from. Here's what I'm after: the workflow I'm building offers a "setup", where it asks users questions that they answer, and then the info get stored in variables. Each step of that setup is using a keyword (so if they want to jump right to a specific step, they can). What I'd like to do is after the first time setup is completed to hide those options if someone types in the keyword again. The reason I want to do this is that I've set the keywords to similar words to other keywords I'm using in the workflow (ie; "away" triggers an Away message, but "awaysetup" is the keyword to set that message in the variable). So, ideally, after setup is complete, if I type "away", I wouldn't see the option for "awaysetup" in Alfred. Here's my workflow (happy for any other input on anything I've done terribly!) for those who want to take a peek: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2tk3vnu7tpdxfd/Change Slack Status %26 Play%3APause multimedia.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Its purpose: update Slack status to a specific status message, set away mode, and pause music/video & mute my computer when I leave my desk. Then "undo" it all when I'm back. It's the "statussetup" section I'd love to hide from Alfred seeing it once it's been completed the first time. If that's possible, I'd love some guidance. If what I said makes no sense, I'm happy to clarify!
  6. Brilliant. Thanks @Andrew! Would the same apply if I'm trying to grab the name of a variable to stuff into tell application "VARIABLE HERE" to activate
  7. While we're on it, I also need to grab the "Franz" value from a variable in this line, too: tell application "Franz" to activate With it being AppleScript, it needs to be in quotes, but I can't figure out how to grab the value there and have it be in quotes to appease the AppleScript.
  8. @Vero I can't share the whole Workflow, as it has some company proprietary info in it right now. But here's the "Run NSAppleScript" bit I'm working with, in its entirety: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Franz" to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "/away " delay 2.5 key code 36 key code 36 delay 2.0 keystroke "/status " set the clipboard to {var:away} tell application "System Events" keystroke "v" using {command down} delay 2.5 key code 36 end tell key code 48 using {command down} end tell if application "Spotify" is running then tell application "Spotify" pause end tell end if end alfred_script Essentially, this bit of the workflow looks to see which Application is running (in my case, Franz), then sends some keystrokes to it to change the status. Then it goes on to pause Spotify. Until now, I'd hard coded the "var:away" bit, but I am rewriting to share with my colleagues and want people to be able to set their own messaging there. Hence the variable. (I have another part of the workflow where they setup all the variables, which is working fine). I suppose I could break this up and use the "Copy to Clipboard" Output in the workflow, but that could get messy with a bunch of different options I'm building in. But if it's the only way, I'm happy to give that a whirl.
  9. I'm building a workflow, and as part of it, I need to copy a variable to my clipboard using Applescript I'm using set the clipboard to {var:VARNAME} and also tried set the clipboard to "{var:VARNAME}" But neither has worked. Is it possible to grab the value of a varname and put it on my clipboard in this manner?
  10. That seems to have worked. The version in /Applications showed as damaged when I tried to overwrite it, which could explain why the update wasn't working. Once I deleted it and copied it over from the .dmg, all appears well again. Thanks Vitor!
  11. For the last few days, my main desktop won't seem to stay upgraded to 3.8. I get the alert there's an update, download it, run it, password input, then a second or two later it seems to want me to upgrade again. I grabbed a video of it happening, which you can see here: https://take.ms/YZn66 I've done this maybe 20 times in the last few days. My other two machines upgraded fine, so I'm sure it's something specific to this machine, I just don't know what to look for.
  12. Sorry, I missed the pinned topic there. Here's the workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wj5q271p7gw5f2/App Assessment.alfredworkflow?dl=0 The bit I'm having a problem with is between "emailaddress" and "ticketid". The version number of: Alfred 3.7.1 macOS 10.14.1 The version of any non-system language you're using (e.g. nodejs) - N/A The version of any non-system programs you're using (e.g. ffmpeg or youtube-dl) if they aren't bundled in your workflow N/A Any changes you've made to your macOS environment (e.g. via launchctl setenv) or the language you're using (e.g. via Python's usercustomize.py or sitecustomize.py files) -- None.
  13. Part of the workflow I'm building has two Script Filters back to back, which store info input by the user as part of the flow. The issue is that the {query} from the first is maintained in the input window of the second, meaning the user has to manually delete it before inputting their selection for the second Script Filter. Here's a video of it happening: http://take.ms/uwlBk How can I stop this from happening so the "Ticket ID" input isn't pre-filled with whatever was input in the first Script Filter?
  14. Awesome, thank you for going above and beyond! I'll also adapt this to validate other inputs I need to validate, too.
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