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  1. Ah ok. I wrote this only because the behavior was another on the past. The alfred window normaly disappeared when the script started. But I will try Your suggestion, thank You!
  2. Hi there, Alfred: 2.8.414 OSX: El Capitan 10.11 when I start an applescript via alfred the alfred window does not disappear. It stays on top until the script is finished. I think I have this issue since El Capitan. Script example: on alfred_script(q) -- ignoring application responses tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script "03B09142-6947-4304-8F3C-6A4F49CAE859" -- or: do script "egroupware" end tell -- end ignoring end alfred_script Thank You! Greetings, Andy
  3. Hi there, it is possible to include Omnifocus Projects in the default search ? In Spotlight it works, in alfred it does not work. I have already added the following path to alfred: ~/Library/Caches/Metadata Thank You, Andy.
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