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  1. Dropbox urls from main site seem to no longer work - api abandoned - seems like this one may have been put to rest... sigh
  2. Anyone else noticed that for some reason this workflow has stopped working recently? Or is it just me?
  3. Getting this to work with a whois site that does work with .es domains should be very simple. Check this: http://blueocean.clarify-it.com/d/fz6kqy
  4. Hi, Thanks for this workflow! Really useful and saving me at least 20-30 minutes of time per week! I actually duplicated the workflow to do the similar for my desktop. Simply in the Apple Script change (path to download folder) to (path to Desktop Folder)
  5. Glad to hear the workflow is of use to you!
  6. Hi, A simple whois workflow where you can input a domain with or without http(s):// Posting my first ever workflow. By no means a programmer, so probably the approach of the workflow could have been done in several other ways. Suggestions are welcome! Working with a web development company, I do approximately 20-30 WHOIS searches a day. It was very easy to make an "Open URL" workflow with Alfred using "https://www.who.is/whois/{query}". However, that particular site is sensitive to http(s):// being part of the url… If http(s):// is part of the url, it will give a page not found. Therefor I found myself spending too much time on deleting http(s):// from my copied domains in the Alfred window. I needed to figure this one out. I wanted a workflow that no matter what I type, with or without http(s)://, would give me results on the https://www.who.is/whois/ page. Easier said then done, "Open Url" so far cannot be used as (part of) an Output. I actually needed to program! Yikes! So here it is, a simple workflow for those who use WHOIS on a regular base: Download Simple WHOIS workflow A few screenshots: Hopefully someone can use it… And please be gentle on my "coding"… as mentioned.. not a programmer! Piet Nutbey
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