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  1. Uhm, actually no. There are two or three instances (at least in case of 'Weiter' (Next)), and without the All it just does NOT work. Go try for yourself.
  2. A good friend and partner in crime has helped me with this. The problem is that – depending on the current page layout – there are multiple buttons titled „Weiter“/„Zurück“ on the page, which don't relate to playback control but for instance the page navigation. As the playback buttons have no ID assigned, we had to identify them through the class. So instead of the argument document.querySelector('button[title="Zurück"]') we are using document.querySelectorAll('button[class="control-button spoticon-skip-back-16"]')[0].click() Advantage is that this is a language independent approach, as the class names don't get translated.
  3. Uhm... Sorry to bother again: Play/Pause works, but all the other commands for some reason not. Solved. Problem was the button titles in the HTML code are partially different on the german language Web Player: Next = Weiter. Previous = Zurück. Modified the Arguments in the Alfred workflow accordingly. Hmmm... Problem with Previous. It’s "Zurück" in the HTML code but neither of the following works: document.querySelector('button[title="Zurück"]').click() document.querySelector('button[title="Zurück"]').click() I assume the ü (lower case U umlaut) is causing the problem. How to format it?
  4. Excellent! Works as expected. No worries about having two Web Player instances open at once. Despite browsing with dozens of tabs open in parallel, it happens seldom. Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you. It works ... but only if Chrome is in front and the Spotify Web Player the front-most tab/window. Kind of pointless. I need it to work work globally, no matter where the Web Play tab currently sits. Possible?
  6. There are several workflows for controlling the Spotify App, but is there a way to control the Spotify Web Player (in Chrome) via Keyboard shortcuts via Alfred? If not with Alfred, any other suggestions? Checked some Chrome extensions, but those e.g. don't let you use the Mac’s function keys. http://beardedspice.github.io/ seemed to be an option, but somehow doesn't work in Catalina (no updates in 3 years).
  7. Other currency workflows: Yes, I tested a few, but non of them are as flexible when it comes to the input string format, as this one.
  8. https://fixer.io/ looks promising, however implementing this into this workflow is beyond my capabilities.
  9. It would be nice if "cy EUR" (so without a number) would already display the exchange rates for in this case the EUR. Currently it is required to enter "cy 1 EUR" to get any results. Furthermore it would be cool to have the option that the listed "converted to"-Currency aren't shown alphabetically, but in order of usage, so the workflow should learn and adapt to the currency I convert to (& copy the conversion result) most often. This allows me to just hit "Enter" or "Arrow down + Enter" to copy my desired result, instead of closely looking at the results and using "CMD + Listnumber".
  10. This workflow relies on Google’s Currency Converter, which unfortunately has somehow ceased to exit, thus this workflow is dead. See here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49324112/google-finance-converter-stopped-working-or-changed-its-url?noredirect=1&lq=1 Although there are other currency workflows, is there any chance to link this workflow to another internet source, like e.g. Yahoo Finance?
  11. @bigluck: Please add the syntax "currency gbp in usd" (so "in", as an alternative "to"). I find myself sometimes typing "in".
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