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  1. I can confirm that setting the Alfred 2 sync folder to ~/Dropbox does work as expected -- settings now persist through an app restart and the settings  sync correctly to another Mac over Dropbox.


    Steps to confirm:
    1. Moved the Alfred sync folder to ~/Dropbox/Alfred.alfredpreferences.

    2. Quit and restarted Alfred 2.app

    3. Made config changes to Clipboard settings.

    4. Quit and restarted Alfred 2.app again. None of the setting changes reverted to defaults.


    Thank you, Andrew. Would never have guessed that the ~/Dropbox/Apps folder would have a different behavior than other Dropbox folders.

    I set the 'Invisible' flag on the Alfred.alfredpreferences container file in ~/Dropbox to avoid accidental deletion of Alfred settings.


    I am deeply impressed with the value of the Alfred 2 Powerpack.

    Resolving this one bug/incongruency with Dropbox moves Alfred 2 to the top of my favorite app list.


  2. Steps to reproduce bug:

    1. Made a number of customizations to the Clipboard settings, changing keystroke, size of clipboard, length of time to retain past clipboards.

    2. Turned on Alfred settings sync to Dropbox for this Mac only, pointing to folder in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred/

    3. Go back and check the Clipboard settings and observe that they have all reverted back to the Alfred defaults.

    4. Restarted Alfred, made the same customizations to the Clipboard settings, restarted Alfred and the Clipboard setting changes are not preserved and are all reverted to Alfred's default settings. No other settings appear to have this problem.
    5. To resolve the problem, I pointed the Alfred sync folder back to ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ (a folder not synced by Dropbox) and all the Clipboard settings were restored and continued stay as they were set and also kept any further changes I made those settings.

    6. Have not had any problems with sync feature preserving other Alfred 2 settings.


    Mac OSX 10.9.1

    Alfred 2.1.1 build 227

    Dropbox v2.6.2




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