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  1. You download it in Dash. Go to the home page in your Dash program, click 'Download Docsets', and search 'User Contributed' for Alfred. Then click download. Very simple.
  2. Neat. I just noticed it. I'm loving it. I figured this is a bug being an oversight of sorting links to folders and folders and links to files as files. But, I see how it could look like a feature request.
  3. Maybe we should have a sub area for just beta problems?
  4. Hi, In the latest beta (not sure when this feature was added, I just noticed it and was very happy), you can have folders listed first. But, all links are sorted after folders with files. All of my soft links are to folders and I would rather have them listed with the folders. Not a major issue, more for easy of scanning.
  5. 1.5.3 and it says that is the latest version.
  6. I'm just getting: [14:35:38.139] Logging Started... [14:35:40.026] The Archive[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'Sermon' [14:35:41.602] The Archive[Script Filter] Script with argv 'Sermon' finished [14:35:41.607] STDERR: The Archive[Script Filter] ERROR: Cannot get the application setting: isUsingIDForNewFiles
  7. If you want to easily setup and run different protocols, I would suggest using Lincastor. It makes setting up those protocols easy. Then have the AppleScript trigger an external on Alfred and your set!
  8. You missed my point. Use Alfred to launch and control the other applications. The 'div' workflow does that, just behind the scene so you don't realize it. I like my Hammerspoon workflow because I can add functionality easily, but run everything from Alfred. The power of Alfred isn't that it does everything, but that it can 'glue' the smaller programs together to make life easier.
  9. I don’t use a titling window managers, but Hammerspoon has it as an option to setup. It’s has the function built in but no hotkey assignments setup. If your interested, I can help you set it up. I do have a Hammerspoon Wordflow for Alfred. I use it all the time for setting up window layouts for different workflows. I also use my fman plugin Project Manager with Hammerspoon to setup windows for my project when I enter the project directory in fman. Very useful. With all these outside resources, there’s no need to add it to Alfred, but create the proper workflow for you using the other tools. That’s where you get the real power of Alfred. Not a single, mega program that does everything. The Unix philosophy is many small, one purpose programs working together. There is a good, dedicated titling window manager called Amethyst.
  10. I upgraded to Catalina because of a program that is Catalina-only. As Catalina gets older, more and more programs will be Catalina-only, especially programs that are just now coming to market. But, I doubt Catalina will get tighter with restrictions (but I could be wrong). So far, my 80+ workflows that I use are running fine in Catalina. IF mac goes banning all scripting, it will be in a future version that most developers will mostly not use and therefore will not make it long. The only programs I lost due to the move were 32-bit programs that the developer no longer supported or have totally dropped (I'm still sad over losing Yummy FTP!).
  11. Or, simply make a workflow with lots of keywords for the app you want to a launcher for the app. Very simple, straight forward, and easy to see and edit.
  12. My experience in Mojave is that the macOS program iconservisesagent is going nuts. On my system, it was caused by the Path Finder program and some extensions added to Finder (Dropbox, Deskdrawer, etc). Removing Finder extensions and stop using Path Finder fixed all my issues with Alfred being slow. I’ve notifed the authors of Path Finder, but they have not replied.
  13. Hey @Vero, I found out something interesting. Path Finder is causing the iconservicesagent and Dropbox to run hot. I’ve sent them a notice about it. Since iconservicesagent running out of control effects Alfred, you might want to see if those that are having an issue with Alfred freezing up are using Path Finder or not. As long as I don’t run Path Finder, I don’t have any problems with Alfred locking up.
  14. Just the iconservicesagent is hogging all the CPU (90%). That seems to be the common denominator. Since others are having some issues with Alfred hanging, I figured maybe this is the reason and maybe if we all think about it we can find a common solution. Since iconservicesagent is a macos item and many people are complaining about it, but Apple hasn't said a word. If some promonent vendors complained, maybe we can get something to fix it? Worth a try. But, Alfred only started having hanging issues right after 4.0.5 (around). It also only happens only in the Alfred browser trying to open the action menu for a file. Since that does use icons, and the iconservicesagent is taking a long time, you might want to put a time out on the call for the icons (or something like that). Just some guessing? BTW: yes, I have been trying to do all the above debugging procedures. Everything works afterwards until the iconservicesagent goes rogue again. Therefore, it keeps coming back no matter what I do.
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