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  1. raguay.customct

    TextSoap cleaners on the Clipboard

    I've had it updated since Alfred 3.0 came out. Sorry, I haven't updated the link. It is now updated and you can get the latest version from the GitHub account: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/Alfred 3/TextSoapCleaners.alfredworkflow All of my workflows in this branch work great and I use them a lot.
  2. raguay.customct

    NotePad Workflow

    This workflow is designed to work with the NotePad script for TextBar. NotePad is a group of nine notepads that sit in your menubar. You can tuck information away, run scripts on the text, or regular expression edits. There are around 37 pre-made scripts for editing your notes. You can create and add your own scripts as well. The topmost actions require you to set the noteID variable to the right. It can be 1 through 9 to represent the note that the text will be appended/written to. The actions will append or overwrite depending on the status of the append variable to the right. If set to 'a', it will append. If set to 'w', it will over-right the text. The last group of actions is for pasting a note to the topmost application. You can either give a number for the note or just paste the note that corresponds to the noteID parameter for the workflow. Download: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/Alfred 3/NotePadWorkflow.alfredworkflow
  3. raguay.customct

    Keep clipboard history forever

    Another way to help this issue is to have multiple stores each with a regular expression for putting clipboard history items into it and a special keyword to search in that store. That way, you can have one store for sql commands, one for websites, one for pictures, etc. Each having a regular expression check that automatically places that item into that store. Then, the user can use a keyword for searching in that store and a super keyword that searches all stores. But keep the default one to search just the standard clipboard history. I think that would give the flexibility that everyone would need, but keep the main clipboard history small enough to not bog down Alfred. I believe Copied does something similar to this.
  4. raguay.customct

    VAT Calculator

    I created a simple example. I used Ruby and no libraries to make it as fast as possible. It's just three lines of code and that could be reduced down, but be less readable. You can get it here: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/Alfred 3/VATCalculator.alfredworkflow
  5. raguay.customct

    "Eject" command dont stop USB external disk as finder do

    You can turn it off in System Preferences.
  6. raguay.customct

    "Eject" command dont stop USB external disk as finder do

    Hi, I've had this issue and fixed it by turning off Hazel first. The Finder eject seems to know how to kick Hazel and other programs off it's directories before ejecting. You most likely have a program that is behaving similarly.
  7. raguay.customct

    Quiver Workflow

    Just got a new version to upload. It should work on any system now. I had problems getting my Haskell program to statically compile. But, it is now. I've updated the one in Packal.org and GitHub. Please download and give it a try.
  8. raguay.customct

    Time Stamp Workflow

    I just added workflow snippets to my Time Stamp Workflow and noticed that I had never shared it. So, here it is. You can use "ts:stamp" to list the pre-defined date/time stamp format and paste the current date/time into the top application. Or, you can use the "ts:build" to build your own date/time stamp to add to the list. I also have several predefined snippets: ;tsl = the current date/time using the last select date/time stamp. ;ed = the current date/time in the mm/dd/yyyy format. ;dow = the current day of the week. ;nsu - the next Sunday date using the last select date/time stamp. ;nmo - the next Monday date using the last select date/time stamp. ;ntu - the next Tuesday date using the last select date/time stamp. ;nwe - the next Wednesday date using the last select date/time stamp. ;nth - the next Thursday date using the last select date/time stamp. ;nfr - the next Friday date using the last select date/time stamp. ;nsa - the next Saturday date using the last select date/time stamp. My GitHub: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/time-stamp-workflow
  9. raguay.customct

    Add regex to snippet recognition

    Yes, I would love to be able to trigger a text cleaner using ;clean:<name>; where name is the name of the cleaner to use. Would be nice in the normal snippets and the workflow snippets.
  10. raguay.customct

    Smart calculations with Numi

    I get the message whether Numi is open or not. The version that you get with Setapp must work differently.
  11. raguay.customct

    Smart calculations with Numi

    It doesn't seem to work with the Numi that comes with SetApp.
  12. It would be nice if Alfred could eject volumes mounted by CloudMounter and Expandrive instead of having special workflows for them.
  13. raguay.customct

    (faster) Menu Search

    Okay. I've been using Scriptarian, but I can't get it to produce stack binaries.
  14. raguay.customct

    (faster) Menu Search

    Thanks. It is working now. What framework are you using for the automation. I love that it is getting services too!
  15. I've found this script to work better. If you don't have the application, the above scripts will not work as well. This script doesn't stop working if you don't have one of the applications. I've also have other file managers in the list. This is what I use for my Alfred Browser workflow. on pathFinderFile() set appname to "Path Finder" tell application appname set pathfinderselection to selection if pathfinderselection is missing value then display dialog "Nothing selected" buttons {"Oh, crud..."} default button 1 return end if set pathfinderpaths to "" repeat with i from 1 to count of pathfinderselection set pfItem to item i of pathfinderselection -- Corrects for error when hidden files are showing try set currentpathfinderpath to (POSIX path of pfItem) set pathfinderpaths to pathfinderpaths & space ¬ & quoted form of currentpathfinderpath end try end repeat return currentpathfinderpath end tell end pathFinderFile on finderFile() set appname to "Finder" tell application appname try set filep to selection as alias list set finderSelection to POSIX path of filep on error display dialog "Nothing selected" buttons ¬ {"Curses, foiled again!..."} default button 1 return end try end tell return finderSelection end finderFile on commanderOneFile() set appname to "Commander One" tell application appname to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "c" using {command down, control down} delay 0.5 end tell return the clipboard end commanderOneFile on fmanFile() set appname to "fman" tell application appname to activate tell application "System Events" key code 103 delay 0.5 end tell return the clipboard end fmanFile set fileName to "testing" set frontmostProcessName to "name" tell application "System Events" set frontmostProcess to first process where it is frontmost set frontmostProcessName to name of frontmostProcess as text end tell if frontmostProcessName is "Finder" then set fileName to finderFile() else if frontmostProcessName is "Path Finder" then set fileName to pathFinderFile() else if frontmostProcessName is "Commander One" then set fileName to commanderOneFile() else if frontmostProcessName is "fman" then set fileName to fmanFile() end if return fileName