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  1. Okay, that is suppose to go to My Editor Workflow to call the editor I am using to edit the configuration file. Now, the alf command doesn't show a bad workflow. I had forgotten that I had changed the name of the workflow and I haven't needed to edit those files recently. But, why would calling a workflow that has been renamed as a XML parse error?
  2. Yes, Alfred has full disk access. I figure this might be an interaction with Alfred, Catalina, and Dropbox since all of my workflows are stored there. Does your system share on Dropbox?
  3. That's what I thought too. Not sure what is happening.
  4. Update: My normal login on Catalina, which is a Mojava login migrated to Catalina, will not allow me to update plugins. It puts a red message at the top saying it can't move to... Not enough room for the full message, but I assume it means the trashcan. Since it is a Dropbox synced account (the test account isn't synced to dropbox), I was able to update it on my main system which is on the Mojava system. Looks like permissions in the home directory has changed in this new version as well. Installing new workflows does work. It might be something to keep an eye on.
  5. Sorry, I seamed to have missed this. It's my Pollen workflow. You can download it from my workflows repository on GitHub: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred The workflow loads and runs fine. I've removed it and re-installed it and your workflow still says it's in error. Not sure how to fix it other than recreating it.
  6. Oh, I know. I just wanted you to know to keep an eye on it. It just seems weird that a requester for password happens on one account and not the other. I wasn't sure if Alfred requests it or the OS is suppose to automatically.
  7. A different login, it updated fine. It asked for my password and installed. My original login, it never asked for my password and said it couldn't install. For some reason, on my normal account that came from Mojave, it didn't ask for a password.
  8. Well, every folder and file in that directory has me as the owner and staff as the group, which is standard for macos. Therefore, I'm not sure why it's having an issue.
  9. I just installed the Catalina Public beta on my test system. When Alfred needed to update this morning, I get this message: Alfred was unable to copy Alfred Assistant into Alfred's Application Support area. This is almost certainly due to a permissions issue. As such, this action has been cancelled. As such, I can't update this current version. Is there a work around? What directory location would this be referring too?
  10. I've updated all of my workflows on https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred. There are 69 workflows that I've created and use regularly (most of them). If you have any questions or problems, feel free to let me know. Since all of these were created with a need that I had, they might not all work for what you need. But, play around with them and experiment and you will learn a lot! No, I will not be updating each of my individual listings in the Alfred forum or in Packal.org. That is just too large of a job for no benefit. Just get them from my GitHub account. The Alfred 2 and 3 versions are still there in their own directories. Since I don't have Alfred 2 or 3 installed anymore, I will not be updating them. Richard Guay
  11. It might take a while since I have around 80 workflows on my system.
  12. @Acidham That does work. It would be nice to collect the list of malformed workflows and show it to the user or a way to access it. That way I'll know which ones need to be fixed.
  13. I can't get it to work on my system. It is showing this: [09:59:26.904] ERROR: Search Alfred Workflows[Script Filter] Code 1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/raguay/Dropbox (Personal)/Richard/rag/Alfred/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.AE1D5FC6-3500-4FA7-8FE2-002FE5D04553/alf.py", line 102, in <module> Workflows = Workflows() File "/Users/raguay/Dropbox (Personal)/Richard/rag/Alfred/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.AE1D5FC6-3500-4FA7-8FE2-002FE5D04553/Workflows.py", line 23, in __init__ self.workflows = self._get_workflows_list() File "/Users/raguay/Dropbox (Personal)/Richard/rag/Alfred/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.AE1D5FC6-3500-4FA7-8FE2-002FE5D04553/Workflows.py", line 109, in _get_workflows_list i = self.get_item(w) File "/Users/raguay/Dropbox (Personal)/Richard/rag/Alfred/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.AE1D5FC6-3500-4FA7-8FE2-002FE5D04553/Workflows.py", line 74, in get_item plist_info = self._get_plist_info(plist_path) File "/Users/raguay/Dropbox (Personal)/Richard/rag/Alfred/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.AE1D5FC6-3500-4FA7-8FE2-002FE5D04553/Workflows.py", line 45, in _get_plist_info return readPlist(plist_path) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/plistlib.py", line 78, in readPlist rootObject = p.parse(pathOrFile) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/plistlib.py", line 406, in parse parser.ParseFile(fileobj) xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 832, column 12 I'm not a python guru, so I'm not completely sure why it's dying. My workflows are in a sync directory in Dropbox. That might be causing some of the problem?
  14. Hi @jlb, Welcome to the great world of Alfred! My Alfred page on my website at the bottom lists all the tutorials I've written on writing Alfred 2 and 3 workflows: http://www.customct.com/projects/alfred/ That information is still valid and usable. I do need to write more on the version 4 changes, but tutsplus.com isn't doing tutorials like that anymore. My site gets so little traffic that it's not really relevant. But, if you like to read, it has some good information. My best advice: find a workflow that you are interested in on the Workflow section of the forums. Then, take it apart in Alfred preferences and see how it works. The best way to learn is by experimentation, which is so fun!
  15. Assuming they want to keep certification as a UNIX standard system. I hope they do, but it's hard to say. If they eventual merge all the platforms, UNIX certification will be lost then as well.
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