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  1. I can confirm that on the M1 macs, it does run very slowly. The main program, alfred-firefox, used is a compiled go language program. That is most likely the issue. It's been compiled on an x86 system, but the M1s are ARM based. It has to launch the Rosetta 2 environment to compile the object code to ARM and then run the program. It doesn't save the results, so it has to be done each time it is launched. 


    The issue that explains how to compile it yourself is here:  https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-firefox/issues/23


    You have to have the ARM64 build of the go language tools in order to build the sources. After recompiling, it is faster than ever now!

  2. That is what I did. I manually enabled it, then when my Dropbox sync finished syncing the Alfred preferences, I enabled sync with that file. After that, the preference for enabling the Clipboard History was disabled. Now that I re-set it to be enabled, it is working again. Therefore, something disabled it that wasn't me.

  3. Okay, it is working again. I guess it was a combination of things. I was using Alfred before my Dropbox was synced all the way. At that point, the clipboard history was enabled. When the Alfred preferences finished syncing (that took quite a while), then I set the new preferences location. Alfred must of turned off clipboard history at that point, and I thought it was still on. You might add a message to the user that clipboard history is turned off again when preferences location is changed.



  4. I just received my MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and Big Sur. The clipboard handling seems to be a bit buggy. I can copy something to the clipboard from a program, but it will not show in the clipboard menu for Alfred (Alt-CMD-C). But, it is usable in the clipboard and in the Alfred workflows/snippets. It just isn't showing up in the menu. For instances, when I copy a name from Cielo24.com (a website for getting closed captions done), it will not show in the menu. I do this often because the file names are often longer than their website will show. Instead of looking at the clipboard menu, I have to copy it into the Alfred Browser or some other program to see it. Actually, I just tried to copy this text and view it there and the menu is stuck on something I copied the first day I got the new computer.

  5. I bought Alfred 1 about 8 years ago and purchased the Mega Supporter when it became available. 80+ workflows later, I'm loving it and using it everyday. My peak usage was 800+ times in one day! I can't get the exact number because it got erased when I had to wipe my system and reload a few months ago. But, I got 795 in one day last week!

  6. Cmd+V isn’t overriden by any program or keyboard manager. My copyclips workflow using ctrl+v to paste one of the clips of text saved by ctrl+c. 


    Snippets also quit working, so I guess they are related. By pressing Cmd+V I can paste what the workflow pushed to the clipboard.


    I tested everything in TextEdit and all of my other editors. The results are the same everywhere.


    The only thing that changed on my setup was the update to Alfred.

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