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  1. I have your wrapper and new script in place. Waiting to see how they work. Will keep you updated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am only seeing the issue in the morning. But, I am active on the system during the day/night. My logs do not show it working in the morning until I force it to get the light theme on. Launch Control doesn't show any errors either. I just updated the script again from your gist. I will check it again in the morning.
  3. This error is only shown if that file doesn't exist, which is the case if you have just started using the workflow. First time to run a cleaner, use "tc:full" and select a cleaner. That routine creates the cleaners.txt file that stores all the cleaners you have made use of. Anyway, I fixed the file not found error. It will now work, but say it could not find any. You still need to use the tc:full to select all the cleaners. I made this separation to make the tc:clean run faster (My full has over 200 cleaners, but my short version only has 50 that I use all the time). The new version is on Packal and my GitHub accounts. Let me know if you have any other problems.
  4. Hey Deanshe, If my system is sleeping during the scheduled event, it gets skipped. Is there a way to force it to run upon awakening?
  5. Inside the script, you have to set your timezone information along with longtitude, latitude, and elevation. That is for the pyhton routines to more accurately calculate your sunrise and sunset. It is documented in the script (around lines 58-67). You can also set the default theme here instead of on the command line. If you are using a different python than the system python, then you need to change the line that creates the launchd script (line 76). Deanishe is really good at python.
  6. Yep, check it out here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5575-automatically-change-themes-at-sunrise-and-sunset/ It was in the theme section of the forums. I use it and it works great.
  7. Hi, I works. But, it leave the process going. If I change the them, it changes it right back. Do you have a version that just terminates after changing?
  8. I know. That is what I tried to say in my last message. It is working now. Thanks.
  9. I changed the reassignment of the launchd command to point to my python in /usr/local/bin as well. Everytime it ran, it changed the lauchd back to /usr/bin/python. It seems to be working without errors now. Thanks.
  10. Hi Danishe, I installed the script and fixed it to use my Homebrew version of Python instead of the system version. I changed the Launchd calling to use the Homebrew version as well. When ran from the command line, it runs fine. But from Launchd, it says it can not load astral, but it performs the task fine. Is there an environment variable to set inside the Launchd script? I am using LaunchControl to edit the Launchd scripts. Thanks. I really like the ability to switch the theme. Richard
  11. I wrote this workflow for working with my TaskPaper files in Dropbox: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3560-todo-workflow/?hl=todo Currently, I use it with FoldingText more thank TaskPaper. The journal functions work very much like what you described.
  12. Hi, I just updated all of the Script Filters to a Haskell program for speed. You can download from the above sources. Let me know if this did speed you up or not. I am trying to figure out how much improvement a dedicated program will be over scripts. Haskell produces much smaller programs than golang. So, I have been switching to it.
  13. To run pbpaste, you have to use back ticks `, not normal apostraphes. Therefore, in bash you would clip=`pbpaste`; echo $clip Or, do whatever you want with the clip contents. A single quote (or apostraphe) tells bash it is a string, while back ticks tell bash to execute the command inside and return to the variable.
  14. Hey that's great. Since you have a working copy of it, maybe share it with those can not find it anywhere. Hammerspoon is the same as Mjolnir without the crazy installation issuses. Everything is self contained and works well. Workflow is here: http://www.packal.org/workflow/hammerspoon-workflow Program is here: http://www.hammerspoon.org/ It came out after Mjolnir to help solve the issues like Lua versions and external libraries. It is a fork from the Mjolnir github.
  15. Yes. It is a window manager. To work with tabs of an application, you would have to use AppleScript or JavaScript for automation. You can run AppleScript from Hammerspoon with the hs.applescript module. If you have Dash, the documentation for Hammerspoon is in Dash as well. If not, use the API pages on their website. Dot are to reference parts of a structure. hs is a global variable that is a structure with an element named applescript. Therefore, to reference it you use hs.applescript. The colons are for class member references. When you get a window, it is a class variable, not a structure. Therefore, it members are referenced with a colon. It is confusing the difference between different programming languages. I use quite a variety and it does get hard to track them all. But, some are better for some things, while others are better for other things. Lua is super small. That is why they used it in this type of application.
  16. From the above, I can deduce that the user ownership for that directory is not you. If sudo can do it and you can not normally, then that directory is owned by a different user. Most likely root. But, if everything is working now, then great. Glad to help. Do you use HomeBrew? This tutorial shows how to install and use it: https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/homebrew-demystified-os-xs-ultimate-package-manager--mac-44884 A side affect of using HomeBrew is that it will fix any permissions problems with your /usr/local directory structure. Plus, it is a great way to get some standard Unix programs.
  17. I am glad you like it. If there is a functionality that you need, but don't see how to implement it, let me know. Two head are better than one!
  18. Could you open the Hammerspoon console and post what it says. I suspect your /usr/local/bin directory has the wrong permissions and not allowing Hammerspoon to install. In a terminal, type the following: cp /Applications/Hammerspoon.app/Contents/Resources/extensions/hs/ipc/bin/hs /usr/local/bin If this works, the workflows should start working fine. But, if an error is given, then your permissions for that directory are wrong. On my system, it is rwx on the user, and rx for everyone else. You can check the settings by: ls -l /usr/local Let me know if this helps. BTW: If you are having permissions problems on the /usr/local directories, Mjolnir will be even harder to install and get working.
  19. Hi, I got your request done must faster than I thought. It was easy and I was wanting the mj:running functionality. Let me know if that was what you were thinking.
  20. Just added several new functions (mj:tophalf, mj:bottomhalf, mj:fullScreen, mj:tzoom, mj:minimize, and mj:running). All of these have been added to the Remote page as well. I also fixed mj:caffineate to work correctly. You will have to re-install the lua.init file with mj:undateinit.
  21. Just added several new functions (hs:tophalf, hs:bottomhalf, hs:fullScreen, hs:tzoom, hs:minimize, and hs:running). All of these have been added to the Remote page as well. I also fixed hs:caffineate to work correctly. You will have to re-install the lua.init file with hs:init.
  22. I am sorry. My directions were not accurate. Once you run "hs:install", you have to reload Hammerspoon. The new lua.init file that the install script copies directs Hammerspoon to copy the hs command to /usr/local/bin/hs. Therefore, Hammerspoon has to be reloaded to get that to happen. If you have the original version of the workflow, it had problems with that. Make sure you have the latest version of the workflow as well.
  23. When you are in the Alfred prompt, go to the Alfred Browser by typing in a path (ie: ~ for home). Move around to the directory you want to mark as a favorate and press right arrow. That brings up a list of possible actions. Type "Add" and select the "Add Directory to Copy/Move locations". Now, when you use the copy/move functions, that directory will show up as a possible destination.
  24. The benefits with Hammerspoon is that you never have to worry about conflicting Lua instances from other programs and installing modules are automatic with Hammerspoon (It packages every known modules in it. So, when there is an update, they are all updated). Also, Hammerspoon only loads the modules in memory when used, but Mjolnir loads all modules into memory at startup based on the lua.ini file. I am trying to keep both workflows equal, but it is slower at getting the updates. I like using any changes for a while first before releasing them to the public. Working on your requests....
  25. Also updated hs:caffienate to prevent the display from sleeping as well. Before, it just prevented system sleep and not display sleep. You will have to load and re-run "hs:install" to get the Lua script changes.
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