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  1. The vweek bug is a know issue. It only happens when the week contains days in two different months. I am working on the fix for that one.
  2. Missed that one. Sorry about that. I just pushed the fix to GitHub. You should be able to update it with AlleyOOP.
  3. I just changed the original post to reflect the new versions of all of my workflows. They are all AlleyOop compatible now. I also fixed a few bugs in the AlfredTimeKeeper workflow.
  4. This little workflow allows you to sequentially step through items in multiple list files. You use the "Next Item: Set File" file action on the file containing a list of items: One item per line. For example, a list of urls; one per line. Then the hot key (you will have to set yourself since mine being <alt><command>n will be erased) will take the next item from the specified first list and copy it to the clipboard and to a notification. If you view all lists before the first list, you will see each corresponding item for each list. The counter is only incremented after passing the
  5. Your not old....yet! But, I use oh-my-zsh to setup my environment. All variables that I set inside of the custom section do not get set. I am trying to write a workflow to launch different test servers, the the servers are not finding the environment they need. I guess I will have to create a zsh script file for each server from PHP.
  6. Hi, It seems that Alfred does not contain the full environment (ie: the path is not right, environment variables for compilers are not set, etc). I have to source my .zshrc file in a zsh script in order to have a full environment. But, under PHP and Python, I can not seem to get the environment set good. Is it possible for Alfred to have more of the environment setup or should we always plan on it not being there and figure out how to get it right? Thanks. Richard
  7. Just added an inccount and deccount keywords to increase and decrease the current count.
  8. Hi, I just updated the workflow with a few bug fixes and a basic graphical interface to view the work done each day. Let me know what you think and what you see as necessary addons. Thanks!
  9. Just added the ability to remove a project from the list of projects. Use the keyword 'removeproject' and it will list the different projects. Just select the one that you want to delete.
  10. Redownload and install the lastest version. It should fix that problem. If not, please let me know.
  11. Hi, I just pushed a fix for the error reporting issue and added the command "worktime" for displaying all the projects times for one day. You can use "today" for today and "yesterday" for yesterday. Let me know if you find anything else.
  12. I just updated the version on Git Hub to move all data files to the recommended location in the documents. Now, there is not data files inside the actual workflow. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see in this. I am working on a gui for it as well.
  13. Hi, I just whipped up this small application inside of Alfred. It allows you to have multiple projects that you keep your times for. I am planning more for this in the future, but it is very usable as it is. Let me know what you think! You can download this and my other workflows here: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred I have more documentation and in the future some tutorials at my web site: http://customct.com All of the workflows now incorporate AlleyOop and can be updated using that workflow. Therefore, if you have already installed these workflows, please install the curr
  14. I just created this workflow to get video duration times from a video file that I can just paste into a document. Maybe someone else would like it as well. https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/VideoTime.alfredworkflow?raw=true
  15. Hi, I thought I would share this workflow with everyone. I use it a whole lot since I need to generate sequencial file names for my work. I hope everyone enjoys it. Let me know if you think of any improvements for it. I just updated it for working in the recommended data directory and not the workflow directory. https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/FileNameSequencer.alfredworkflow?raw=true Note: I just updated the link. Sorry, I did not realize I had changed the address. You can see all of my workflows at http://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/
  16. Nice!!! I spoke too soon and did not see this one.
  17. Thanks. That is great. I had to change it to querying the 'en1' for my wifi (I am using WiiFii only on my Mac Mini). Maybe it could be enhanced to show all local ports or a user preset port with readable names. 'en1' is not directly identifiable.
  18. Where is that one? I need external ip more than internal.
  19. Hi, I created a directory "Dropbox-envato" and start a new instance of DropBox using the environment set to the new directory. I created a simple workflow to launch that special instance. Once it is running, I change the preferences for that Dropbox to black so that I can tell which one is for which. Therefore, the workflow would need to access those different dropbox directories.
  20. I commented in a different area. When I found this thread, I thought it was the most proper place to place comments for that workflow.
  21. Hi, I like this workflow, but it is not adding my timezone: Tak, Thailand (GMT + 7). I tried just Bangkok, which is often well understood, but it still is not getting it.
  22. Hi, This workflow is great. I am having only one problem. Clicking on the forecast does not take me to the web site, but gives a page not found error. I am in Tak, Thailand and the forecast shows great in Alfred.
  23. Hi, I am running two different copies of Dropbox (one personal, one for work). Is there a way for this to support both of them? I use this functionality a whole lot and this workflow will make it much easier. Thanks!
  24. I just came to this topic, but the dns for this repro is non-existant. We need an official repro area for Alfred V2. Is there one in the works?
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