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  1. This is great, Vitor! How can I set up a default video player?
  2. Agreed, @dfay I follow your github to keep aware of updates to your very helpful workflows.
  3. Great workflow, thank you! How can I stop it from adding an "alfred" tag by default? Edit: Figured it out. In the workflow's files, change line 74 of pocket_save.py from: tags = ['alfred'] to tags = ['']
  4. I updated my workflow from 2016, which notifies you beforehand whether DND is enabled or not, to use the defaults write method. It works in Mojave now, except that the notification center icon does not update. Working on finding a solution to that. Github link: https://github.com/paulrudy/alfred-toggle-do-not-disturb
  5. Hi, I just configured your complex and amazing workflow. I wonder if it's possible to simply call up a map of an address, rather than always have to look up directions from one location to another? I see that I can use the "maps" keyword to look up a map of an address without needing directions between two locations. I also see that the "maps" keyword may be deprecated. I'd like to see the functionality of a non-direction map be kept in the future!
  6. I'm using 10.12.4 beta and Safari 10.1 No Safari windows or tabs are being shown in the window switcher either.
  7. This is great, thank you! I've been hoping for someone to develop a window switcher. For the Safari tabs script filter, though, I get the default searches in Alfred, but no Safari tabs (with Safari open and multiple tabs).
  8. Thanks for this!
  9. I needed a symlink creation workflow that would place (renamed) symlinks in the same folder as the file being symlinked. I used the shell script from this article. Links are renamed to "<filename> link", and if that already exists, "<filename> link 1" etc. Suggestions welcome. It might be useful to include a choice as to whether to send symlinks to the Desktop or another destination instead. MorseCode's workflow sends links to Desktop, but offers no other choice. Here it is, on my github
  10. Can you add Macmini7,1 please?
  11. Anyone know of a way to make this filter by name as you type?
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