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  1. Aloha-- Thanks! For some reason, the current version in the App store is Alfred 1.2, so I didn't realize that there was a more current version. --Susan
  2. Aloha-- I'm using Alfred 1.2, and I do not have a powerpack installed. Is that the problem? --Susan
  3. Tyler, thanks but I'm not seeing a place to locate templates in Alfred. When I opem the settings, I just have General, Features, Appearance, and Advance, and none of those have templates in them. Where can I find them? --Susan
  4. I used a personal Gmail account and feed my work email account into it. That's where I check all my email, as I have work and personal email in one spot. Lately, my students have been submitting documents to me in Google Drive (used to be Google Documents). I can only view my students' materials in my work Google account - unlike the email, I can't feed the Drive documents into my personal account. Unfortunately, my school moved to a variant of Google, and Google does not permit easy switching between the two. To keep from multistep logging out/logging in every time I move from email to Drive, I keep my personal Google account open in Firefox and my work account open in Chrome. I know that I can set up Alfred to simply open up either the Firefox or the Chrome browser, but Alfred is supposed to be able to do things such as search Google Drive for a specific document. Is there a way for my to specify that when I want to search for something in the Google Drive, I want to use Chrome, and for everything else, including email, I want Firefox as the default? --Susan
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