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  1. "What kind of network configuration do you have? With my Apple Airport Extreme, Alfred Remote reconnects so quickly that you don't even know the reconnection is taking place when you launch the app - the icons are just there." Second this! I was shocked that the icons were so stable in my iPhone 5. I have the 2TB Airport Extreme, and this router is a must-have (in my opinion). Nothing else comes close. That being said, I am having some issues with Alfred Remote and dictation, just lag mind you, but I'm trying to determine if it's my iPhone, my MacBook, my network, the dictation program (Apple Dictation), or my word processer (Scrivener). But that's for another post I think.
  2. As a new Mac owner, and a complete novice in Alfred, THIS workflow gets a ton of use from me. Thanks for this!
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