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  1. If I think I may have copied something on a certain date, it would be pretty cool to be able to back and filter things that way. Is there any way to query stuff in the clipboard history by program/date etc? Alternately is that data stored somewhere I can peak into it?
  2. Is it possible to add to 'now playing' or 'play next' instead of making its own playlist? maybe as alternate behaviours (cmd+enter/opt+enter) ? that would make this way awesome
  3. Hmm interesting I'll look into that package. That front thing sounds like a good option although I wonder if 'front' will always be right. I have a suspicion that it may get messed up with multiple monitors (just bc i was tabbing away from an app and then back and a different window on my main screen would have focus.. )
  4. is the color picker just the colors.app app? that comes up.. i think I was conflating color picker with eye dropper..
  5. If i invoke alfred and type Finder.. it brings up all the windows of an App. Is it possible for alfred to know the last used window of an app so that I can type say 'last Finder' to go to just the last used Finder window? Or perhaps a workflow like this already exists? It would be awesome to me if I could override the default behaviour with that as well... I haven't made any workflows as of yet.. Just trying to make Macs work the way I wish they did already
  6. i love it .. but I'm not sure how to bring up the color picker other than launching the color utility. or is the newer version than the one on packal?
  7. Whenever I invoke Alfred it is now on my my laptop's monitor.. and never on my external display. I noticed this since running the last update. It renders the clipboard manager useless, because when it opens on a different monitor, if I select a clip it doesn't go to the program I was on before I invoked it (that may be a separate problem). About to submit a bug report, but wanted to check if anyone else has had this same issue or got a workaround for it.
  8. After getting totally used to this in sublime text I am pretty bummed this is not a feature.. it makes life so much easier, I pretty much expected it from Alfred
  9. Looks like exactly what I want! thank you very much for the in-depth description. The only thing that's missing is copying images, which is handy, but not at all essential. A powerpack purchasing we go!
  10. I'm thinking of purchasing the power pack, primarily to get the clipboard manager. I am coming from Windows where I used Ditto for clipboard management and clearly I've been spoiled since I've tried 7 or 8 clipboard managers for Mac and found none of them satisfactory for various reasons, so the promise of "clipboard management" in itself does not persuade me. What I got in ditto that I desperately don't want to be without, in ditto: hit shortcut key, type 'email', hit enter: get the most recent clipboard item with 'email' in it; no limit to how many items saved in history. some apps have had this functionality, but the interface is not acceptable.. IE.. hit shortcut key, tab over to the text entry window, type some text, hit enter, tab over to the first result and hit enter. having to hit one other shortcut key (while unnecessary) would be acceptable to me.. Ditto also has the ability to save snippets specifically, but the main app is so robust i never felt the need to learn how to do this Cheers guys
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