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    cutcopypaste reacted to Vero in How EXACTLY does the clipboard manager interface behave?   
    Here's a little more detail on how Alfred's clipboard works.
    You use a hotkey (Cmd + Alt + V by default) to bring up the Clipboard viewer, which will show you the items you recently copied to your clipboard. It's the forward item on this screenshot (I had to borrow one from our website as my personal clipboard contains private info )

    Once you can see this panel, you can start typing "email" and all items containing "email" will be filtered down on the left. If the top item isn't the one you want, scroll down until you find the one you want (You'll see the summary of the snippet on the right-hand panel) or access it using Cmd + number for the top items.
    Alfred's clipboard is exclusively plain text, so formatting is stripped as you paste the clipboard content. (You can also use a workflow to create a "Paste as Plain Text" hotkey to save you time when pasting the last item you copied)
    You can see the Clipboard history settings here:
    In the settings you can choose:
    - Which apps Alfred should ignore (e.g. password apps)
    - How long Alfred should remember your clips for (24 hours to 3 months)
    You can also create text snippets if you want some re-usable bits of text like your address or signature. You access these through the same clipboard hotkey, where you'll see "All Snippets" at the top.
    Keeping in mind I've never used Ditto before, hopefully this gives you a better idea of how the clipboard history works
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