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  1. Interesting. I'll take a look at the script. I understand most folks not liking it, but I work in a global corporation, and have team members around the world. I have used world clocks for the last 12+ years because of this, and my brain just looks for things in the order in which they "always" are. Just in the first hour of using the script off and on my brain kinda broke in quickly finding the name in the list. But that's me. 8) Thanks for the code ideas.
  2. Nice workflow! This will come in very handy at work. One question, if you select one of the returned entries, Alfred learns that you "like" it more than other entries. I'd prefer the order to remain static (time zone sorted, maybe?). Is that possible by changing the output from the filter? Do workflows have a way to tell Alfred to not learn the filter returns?
  3. Created my first workflow, as a migration of a prior Alfred extension I wrote for 1.x. It's called Say-It, and it is available via AlfPT. Keywords are "say" and "voices"; the former will speak the phrase typed, the latter will list the voices installed on the machine. Using v:<VOICE> as the first argument will set the voice to be used. Very basic, but a little bit of fun. Hope you enjoy it if you use it. Jason
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