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    chendeshen reacted to Ginfuru in Run Simple Terminal Command in Alfred   
    Here is a simple workflow the combines several basic (and frequently used) commands to help speed up your processes. There are several other workflows that do one or a couple of these... but I just combined them into one.
    Keyword Trigger run followed by:
    purge, flush, ip, show or hide, finder, dock or ow
    purge - frees up RAM
    flush - flushes your DNS
    ip - shows your public IP
    show - shows hidden files
    hide - hides file that should be hidden
    finder - relaunches the Finder.app
    dock - relaunches the Dock
    ow - relaunches the Finder.app and clears out the Open with Menu to only show the current versions of those Apps (bug in Mt. Lion) 
    UPDATE - a collection of a bunch of workflows and terminal commands. 
    relaunch - kills finder
    desktop - hides items on your desktop
    hidden - show/hide hidden files
    purge - frees up RAM
    owrest - ow - relaunches the Finder.app and clears out the Open with Menu to only show the current versions of those Apps (bug in Mt. Lion) 
    lprest - resets launch pad
    flush - OS Mavericks flushing of the DNS
    wifi - turn on wifi see current network and get current network IP
    ip - get your internal and external (public) IP
    zip (or set hotkey) - creates archive of selected items
    empty downloads - cleans out the downloads folder
    space - gives you the remaining and used space % of internal and attached drives
    subl - opens a file or project in Sublime Text 
      Simple to edit and modify to add more... 
    Download link : http://d.pr/f/1hMXB
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    chendeshen reacted in Minimal Solarized   
    My take on simplified. I did it only with red colour.


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    chendeshen reacted to juanra in Flat Alfred   
    Hi all of you,
    I was looking for a theme that was aligned with the flat design philosophy but didn't find one that made me smile.
    I decided to make one from scratch, using Flat UI colors and OSX BlueGreen theme as a base.  I want to do dark and light versions with every accent color but i need your help, so fork it on Github and help me.

    Here is my approach, I hope you enjoy it:

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    chendeshen reacted to typkrft in TYPKRFT Theme   
    Ill just leave this here 



    http://imgur.com/UXNiRVw,pjO0PXg,RHEL0op#0 (Full Screen Shots)
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqyfb1v28tymvvb/TYPKRFT.alfredappearance (Download)
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    chendeshen reacted to marclipovsky in Centurion   
    This theme is based off of Sublime Text theme Centurion Galae (https://github.com/allanhortle/Centurion)

    Download or install:
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    chendeshen reacted to Andrew in Cheeky little transparency blur hack for themes   
    NOTE!! From Alfred 2.4, the blur setting is in Alfred's Appearance > Options. You won't need to use the defaults writes, but it's still marked as experimental. I plan on implementing the native Yosemite blur at some point and make this an official feature.
    This is and always will be a hack, but I'm adding a defaults write preferences item to set the background blur of a window. This will allow you to have nice transparent themes but still readable over busy backgrounds.
    There are a few important caveats with this:
    It uses a private OS X API which means it may stop working at any point outside of my control I may take this feature out if it causes general instability and will ignore any moans of "put it back" It disables the 'Fade in Alfred Window' option because these don't play nice together It slows things down lots on slower Macs This will work in OS X 10.9 Mavericks from Alfred 2.3 onwards! To use this hack, quit Alfred and his preferences then type this into Terminal:
    OS X 10.9 Mavericks:
    defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -int 5
    ... the value can be anywhere from 1 to 15 for different blur radius levels, set to 0 to disable.
    OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and below:
    defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 experimentalBlur -float 3.0
    ... the value can be anywhere from 1.0 to 5.0 for different blur intensity levels, set to 0.0 to disable.
    Here is what you should see:

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