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  1. Greetings, First, thanks for a great and honest product. I'm surprised Apple hasn't hired you folks yet ;-) I was wondering if the usual "File Action" shortcut [⌥・⌘ ・\] could be used to place something in the File Buffer? You'll recall that that only way presently to add something to the buffer is by [⌥・ ↑], which is great... IF you're browsing from within Alfred. If you're traversing multiple folders in Finder, this would be a tremendous time-saver. As an aside, would you be amenable to the idea of making available some sort of programmer's API? I'd be happy to code this up myself if only I knew where to begin (seriously!). Many thanks again, George San Francisco Reference: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4782-add-to-buffer-from-finder/
  2. Hello Sir, Perhaps a little late to chime in here, but thanks for a superb workflow! I was about to embark on a long process to create something of this ilk when I just stumbled on your handiwork. Cheers, George
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