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  1. I'm talking not about hosts file, but just about first level domain replacer. thanks
  2. 1) Problems are only on macbook pro. 2) Quit from dropbox also no effect. One precision: Iif I configured app, save settings into dropbox and use one wi-fi network f.e: at home there's no problems but when I switch to another wi-fi network f.e: at work then my settings are switch to default.
  3. /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Dropbox/Apps/alfred/sync/mac-mini/Alfred.alfredpreferences and /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Dropbox/Apps/alfred/sync/mbp/Alfred.alfredpreferences (one for macbook pro , second for mac mini)
  4. After I set sync folder in my dropbox folder my custom settings of alfred app are always drops to default settings (custom settings I mean: disabled HAT in search form, custom web search queries and etc). The settings are used only by one instance of program on one computer, I set sync folder only for settings backup not for sharing. Thanks.
  5. workflow request: As I often use local url and demo server url, so I have situations when I need to change url from: www.simple-example-demo.com to www.simple-example.dev or another custom local url (www.s-e-d.dev and etc). If anyone can create workflow with: url replace or .com replace or when I paste url it's converted to local automaticaly (like creating url store (in/out urls)) ? Thanks.
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