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  1. Hi there, Thanks a lot for this workflow!!! I'm using it from belgium with the code 'BE' and it seems to be working like a charm! Just one question: should it normally be possible to select the episode number within alfred? That doesn't seem to be working, or I'm missing something. But still, thanks!!
  2. Okay! Thanks for the fast response! Oh by the way, it might be interesting (maybe for others encountering this issue) to know that it is possible to see the full note while using the 'large type' function. Faster than opening the app. Just one more thing: thanks for the app. Just bought the Powerpack and I'm really liking the discovery of all those features. Using the computer will never be the same. (Everything is just so fast now! )
  3. Hi! I have some contacts with a rather large amount of text in the 'note' section. While searching info about certain contacts, I noticed that I can only see the first 7 lines of the note. I have to admit that I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a rational restriction to keep your screen from being flooded with text. I case of the latter, I would suggest to increase the limit a bit, just to display a little bit more of information. I think the screen can handle it. I replicated it with two contacts. Counted 7 lines each time. Screenshot: Alfred v2.1.1 (227) Mac OS X 10.9.2
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