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  1. If I understand correctly, you are talking about a snippet that pops up a form where you provide values for fields (e.g. the addressee of an email). You can get that feature with aText, which is $5. It would be awesome to have this for Alfred though!
  2. Awesome workflow! One request: I want the hotkey to always take me to sublime, so I have stopped using ew for any other text editor. It would be nice, however, if I could just set the hotkey to open a specific editor (rather than the last used one) and then I would be able to use the workflow with other text editors as well.
  3. Great workflow! One idea I had: how difficult would it be to integrate with an app like marked so that you could write markdown in your editor and have it paste back as formatted rich text? That would be a killer feature.
  4. Would it be possible to set it up to open the new file automatically? (I don't know Ruby).
  5. I was doing 1, but…unnecessary keystrokes, you know how it is. I actually just changed the keywords ref→cref and gsref→ref, since I use the scholar search more often any way.
  6. Ask and you shall receive huh? Custom type works great! Thanks!
  7. Wow. This is fucking incredible. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you for making this workflow. There's just one thing though… is there any way I can set the import reference file action to use scholar (gsref) rather than crossref? This might have to do with my field of study (computational linguistics), but scholar is much faster and more reliable for me. Thanks again!
  8. I'm going to echo gsmth00 and ask about custom categories. I would like to see PDFs as its own category (I know this is in documents, but I'd rather search PDFs and other types of documents separately). Is this a relatively easy thing to modify?
  9. I thought I had come up with the minimalistest theme possible, and I was going to post it… until I saw yours and liked it better, so I made the switch. Well done! (I'm using white with 90% opacity)
  10. I had the same problem as Erist. I was able to solve it by changing default to notification center, then nuking, then switching just timer to growl (i.e. not default). It works fine after I switched my default to growl as well. One question: is it possible to get the notification to stay on screen until I click it away? It would be nice to not worry about missing my timer if I step away from my computer for a moment. Thanks!
  11. Sorry, I should have been more clear. It is the contents of the folder that I am interested in filtering. I thought of turning off all PDFs in the default results, but ideally I would be able to see some PDFs in the default results, just not the ones in one folder. This might not be possible, but my goal is to blacklist a particular folder (rather than a particular file type) from only the default results.
  12. Thanks for the advice all. The alfred:ignore tip didn't work for me, although maybe I just needed to wait longer for the cache to reload. Whatever the case, the spotlight privacy settings worked. My next question is: is it possible to tell alfred to ignore a folder in general search, but to not ignore when using a specific keyword? I have many articles on my computer that I don't want to sift through every time I use alfred, but I want to be able to search through them with a keyword "article." Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. I would like the Reminders app to quit after the automation is run. I saw a property closeReminders, but changing it to true didn't do anything for me. I don't know apple script well enough to understand your code; is there anything i do short of telling reminders to quit before every return statement? Thanks!
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