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  1. > You can already insert tabs in snippets but a form will not use them to change field I think there is confusion here between: 1. TAB to cycle between fields in an external form (on a webpage) 2. TAB to cycle between fields of a snippet that has placeholders
  2. I vote hiding rather than transparency. I most often drag from Alfred to attach to an email, and Alfred always tends to be right on top of that email.
  3. I agree this would be a nice feature. In the mean time, you can use cmd-up to go up a directory.
  4. If I understand correctly, you are talking about a snippet that pops up a form where you provide values for fields (e.g. the addressee of an email). You can get that feature with aText, which is $5. It would be awesome to have this for Alfred though!
  5. Going further, it would be awesome to have arbitrary modifier keys as well, e.g. "this is {cmd+B} really {cmd+B} important."
  6. I often find myself using the drag and drop feature of alfred, whereby I can drag an item from the list just like you can drag an file from the desktop. For example, this is how I attach email documents. This is pretty nice, but it would be really nice if I could do this with they keyboard. Is there a workflow for that? If not, does this seem like a feasible thing to do? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  7. Bump. I could probably implement a workflow to do this provided that: 1. I can access the query history (currently unclear where this is stored) 2. The number of stored items (currently 20) can be customized I think this would be a really useful feature
  8. Thanks! Not sure why I didn't think to do that in the first place. I stopped as soon as I got things back to my original settings, and checked to make sure I could change setting. I can't confirm that the bug with dropbox interaction would have been fixed; perhaps it was, as you suggested, simply a permissions problem. Cheers!
  9. On a whim, I decided to start syncing my preferences so I have them backed up consistently. What an unfortunate decision that was.. As soon as I restarted alfred, I found that all my preferences were reset: theme, hotkey, etc... Everything except for my workflows. This was annoying, but it wasn't a huge deal to put everything back. Then I restarted Alfred, and I was back to the default again. This makes Alfred essentially unusable for me, so I hope someone can help me soon—I feel naked using my own machine! Details: Syncing to Dropbox/Miscellaneous/ .plists in user/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ are not updated ,nor do they affect behavior I can change prefs in the gui, resulting in appropriate behavior, and overwriting any .plists in the synced .plists These .plists are ignored when Alfred restarts I was able to get sticky preferences by deleting the whole Library folder, and copying in my .alfredpreferences, but although the Worklow data is present, they do not show up in the gui, nor are they usable All I want is for everything to be like it was this morning... It seems to be impossible to turn off syncing in the GUI (a design flaw). Can I do this manually?
  10. Awesome workflow! One request: I want the hotkey to always take me to sublime, so I have stopped using ew for any other text editor. It would be nice, however, if I could just set the hotkey to open a specific editor (rather than the last used one) and then I would be able to use the workflow with other text editors as well.
  11. Great workflow! One idea I had: how difficult would it be to integrate with an app like marked so that you could write markdown in your editor and have it paste back as formatted rich text? That would be a killer feature.
  12. Would it be possible to set it up to open the new file automatically? (I don't know Ruby).
  13. I'm having difficulty using this technique to search for phrases, rather than words. When I check "split," I get too many results, and when I uncheck it, it doesn't turn up files that I know include the phrase. Any idea what's going on here?
  14. I was doing 1, but…unnecessary keystrokes, you know how it is. I actually just changed the keywords ref→cref and gsref→ref, since I use the scholar search more often any way.
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