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  1. I see :/ Nevertheless, I reserve the right to be mad because it was such a great service. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  2. Oh my god. That is so lame. Lets start a Facebook page. Edit: Is this API pricing page on Google Cloud Services new?
  3. Did the workflow just break? Response from any request is: "No translation found"
  4. Multiple sentences - check. Correct period behaviour - check. Thanks a lot, deanishe!
  5. Although i this workflow, I wonder if it is possible to translate bigger chunks of text? It seems like the first period sign "." terminates the translation. I do a lot of research in academic papers for my master thesis, and use Alfred to do a quick translation of chunks of text (typically a paragraph or three) that I use as citations in my paper. I have successfully made it work by removing the punctuation manually before pasting it into this wf, but that removes the beauty of it. Suggestions? Edit: I fidgeted around with periods a little. Not only are periods escaping the query, but
  6. bonka

    Flat Alfred

    Great theme! I didn't like the gray semi transparent bevel and especially rounded corners of most other themes. Although it would be nice if this one had a lighter option. If you will consider it, keep the border tight & small. If not - thanks for the theme!
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