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  1. ok guys, took a look at it today and Alfred Remote is indeed OS X/iOS oriented, uses Bonjour for discovery and then transfers serialized data in forms like NSMutableDictionary and NSKeyedArchiver, which of course both can be supported on Android, has been a while since I tried reverse engineering a protocol and doing this for fun so please bear with me on schedule @Vero / @Andrew any chance you guys can provide me with some info around the data exchange, that could save me a lot of time and get this out sooner
  2. Sorry, I posted this before emailing figured that I would get a faster response that way Hope you guys don't mind but going to experiment this weekend on building an open source Android version so we can all enjoy this awesomeness too
  3. Hi there, Yet another Android user asking for an iOS app first to be available for his mobile platform of preference Android developer myself happy to help with development or testing (please reach me at evelio at evelio dot info) Thanks!
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