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  1. Got it. Any chance that you post the Core Graphics code here, or upload a PNG/SVG of the icon? Thanks! Bar.
  2. Hi, I'm using Alfred for a long time. Recently, I moved from Pandora to Apple Music. With Pandora, I used the lovely Hermes app workflow, which allowed to skip, like, dislike and more, from a single word group in alfred (i.e. hermes *). I was sure that Alfred will have some official support for Apple Music, or a 3rd party workflow to work with iTunes and the new-ish Apple Music in it, but there's only the Mini Player which is really lacking and annoying (since it is a different shortcut than Alfred itself, and it doesn't really support Apple Music). Is there any solution? Thanks!
  3. So do you reinvoke the workflow from code, and save the progress to a file, or do you just let the user do it if they want (press space for example) ?
  4. Technical question - How did you do the animated progress bar for updating the playlist library? I thought that once a script filter sends the XML, you can't change it... so how does the progress bar work? Thanks!
  5. Hi, How can I create a file filter to search for all files? For example, Spotlight and Alfred don't show MDSystemFile files even though they are indexed and can be found by mdfind. I want to create a workflow with the keyword "all" for example, that will search in the entire spotlight index, including system files. What else, other than MDSystemFile, exists but not shown by default? Thanks, Bar.
  6. David, Yes - http://behemoth.mailplaneapp.com/features/entry/mailplane_urls/ http://screencast.com/t/YWPIJe74Oa
  7. Hi Everyone, I created a new workflow to control a Vagrant instance. With this workflow you can start, stop, restart and ssh into a given Vagrant instance. You can also check the status of the vagrant instance. In order for this workflow to work, you need to run "vg configure " (with the space) and choose the Vagrantfile that you want to control. This workflow only knows to control a single Vagrant instance at a time. Please note the "sudo note" in the description if you're running vagrant with sudo. You can download it here, or via Packal. Screenshot:
  8. Hi, It seems like Alfred doesn't find a folder if I try to write the parent folder before the name of the folder I'm looking for. For example, ~/Dropbox/Public: Writing "Public" finds it, but "Dropbox/Public", "Dropbox Public" does not. This is pretty problematic since I can have many many folders with the name Public and I sometimes want to hint Alfred that I want a specific one. Kinda like Sublime's Cmd+P file search. Is that possible with Alfred? Thanks, Bar.
  9. Cool! Thanks so much. Unrelated question - why Alfred really likes the "Dragging" configuration scheme for files/folders/file types? Is it convenient because you can drag these from Alfred itself? I hate using the mouse (which is why I want to use Alfred )
  10. Hi, I have a PNG file called ssd_speed.png in ~/ssd_speed.png. Spotlight finds the file easily with the query "ssd", however Alfred does not show it with either "open ssd" or "find ssd" and not even "open ssd_speed.png". I've gone through the guide @ http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:indexing and tried to rebuild OS X metadata (from Alfred's advanced tab), but this didn't help. Any idea? Thanks, Bar.
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