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    Jono got a reaction from Tyler Eich in Help modifying AppleScript to an Alfred action   
    That's it! Works perfectly now, thanks! 
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    Jono reacted to Tyler Eich in Help modifying AppleScript to an Alfred action   
    Oops! I updated my original response; see if that new code works for you
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    Jono reacted to Tyler Eich in Help modifying AppleScript to an Alfred action   
    It looks like you forgot to make q a file object; when you get the selection from Finder, it returns a file object automatically.
    Maybe try changing this:
    try duplicate q to "Macmini:Desktop:" with replacing to this:
    try duplicate ((POSIX file q) as alias) to ("Macmini:Desktop:" as alias) with replacing I got this answer from Stack Overflow
    Make sure you run this in the 'Run NSAppleScript' object; '/usr/bin/osascript' will not perform as expected.
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    Jono reacted to Carlos-Sz in Reminders 1.1 (a light version)   

    Show overdue and due today reminders right away Easily show lists and their due, overdue and not completed reminders Create new reminders Create new lists Mark reminders as completed This is a simple Reminders approach, with its own workflow, aimed for users that have only a few due or overdue reminders. If you are a havy user with tons of due, overdue or not completed reminders then you may consider using Jack James Reminders workflow that also caches reminders which can make things faster.


    Bring Alfred and type the keyword rm and a list of overdue and due today items will be displayed:

    Type a single interrogation point for a quick syntax help:

    Type to create a new reminder in the default list (see date format options below):

    Type a single hash sign to show all lists:

    Once in a list you can see its reminders and also create a new one:

    If you want, type a third hash sign to set the due date:

    There are a lot of date formats accepted:
    tod or today (default) tom or tomorrow ne or next week 2m or 2 m or 2 minutes or in 2m or in 2 m or in 2 minutes 2h or 2 h or 2 hours or in 2h or in 2 h or in 2 hours 2d or 2 d or 2 days or in 2d or in 2 d or in 2 days 01/01 or 01/01/13 or 01-01 or 01-01-13 01/01 6:00pm or 01/01/13 6:00pm You can always check if the date format entered is valid or not in Alfred subtitle:

    Due soon: type rm due

    Displays a list of due soon (in a week) and not completed reminders:

    Mark a reminder as completed
    highlight a reminder hold control key (the reminder subtitle will change to Mark Reminder as Completed) hit return key Open a reminder in Reminders app
    highlight a reminder hit return key  
    What’s new
    (1.1) Better handle of reminder creation when within a list (#) Download
    Version 1.1 Release date: 13 Jul 2013 Made in OS X 10.8.3 Supports Alleyoop 2 Download now PS: post wrote in Byword and converted using Markdown to BBCode workflow
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    Jono reacted to Carlos-Sz in Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)   
    Alfred 4
    Read about this workflow below.
    This is an update to address the new Alfred 4 data folder (thanks to xilopaint).
    DOWNLOAD Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 for Alfred 4
    Alfred 3 workflow to search and create notes in Evernote.


    ens to search in every note field ens @ to search in a selected notebook ens # to search notes with a selected tags You can use ent (search in titles only) or enr (search in reminders) or entodo (search to-do notes) or enrec (search notes updated within a week) or enu (search notes with a source URL) instead of ens.

    You can select multiple tags to fine tune your searching. Just add a second hash sign and select or type the tag e.g. ens #tag1 #tag2 :my query

    In addition, you can select a single notebook then tags too e.g. ent @notebook #tag1 #tag2 :my query

    Note that, if you want to select a notebook and/or tags, the query goes after the colon sign as seen above.

    Return key to open the note Shift key to preview the note Option key to set a reminder Control key to paste the note text content to the top most application Function key to open the note URL Command key to append text (from clipboard, selected text or typed) or selected file(s) in Finder. After pressing the Command key a new Alfred window will be shown so you will be able to select the text source and the action: Return key will append without date Option key with append with current date Hint: You can also use the Command key to only add tags to a note. To do so, type or select a tag and don't type anything after the colon then select the source "Type a Note" e.g. enn #tag :

    Note that Alfred Fallback Search is also supported (you have to add it in Alfred 2 Preferences>Features>Default Results, then click Setup fallback results button).


    Keyword enn


    You can optionally type the note title or, for a more complex creation, follow the syntax below:

    @Notebook #tag1 #tag2 !reminder :Title
    @notebook: after typing @ a list of notebooks will be displayed then select one or type it; the default will be used if omitted #tags: after typing # a list of tags will be displayed then select one or type a new one (multiple tags are supported, type each one after a hash sign) !reminder: after typing an exclamation point a list of reminder suggestions will be displayed then select one or type a custom reminder such as in 4 days or 05/01/2014 or 05/01/2014 at 2:00 Title: at the end, after a colon (or the second colon if you are adding time in your reminder) Note that items of the syntax are optional, however the syntax has to end with a colon, with or without typing the note title e.g. #tag1 :

    Note Content Source
    From clipboard From selected text Typed directly in Alfred From Safari or Google Chrome URL From message(s) selected in Mail app From file(s) selected in Finder app: you can create one note with files or one note for each selected files. Alfred File Browser also supported. Type a Note also supports multiple lines and, in this case, the first line will be the title of the note e.g. enn Line 1 /n Line 2 /n Line 3

    Return key: create a note Control Key: create a note and open it Command key: append text or file to a note Option key: append text to a note with current date How to Append
    Highlight one of the note content source e.g. From Clipboard Optionally type tags and a reminder e.g. #tag1 #tag2 !tomorrow hold command key and hit return key select a note from the list (search by title only) and hit return key Mail
    Message subject as the note title Message received date as the note creation date Message Link as the note source URL A short header (e.g. sender) A plain text version of the email content  
    Note Templates
    Read about templates here.

    Bring Alfred and type the keyword enpref:
    Search wildcard: you can set the workflow to automatically use the Evernote search wildcard (*) or you can set the workflow to use only if it is typed (the Manual setting may by faster in a huge note collection).  
    Download Evernote 9 beta 3
    Release date: 99 Jun 2019 Made in OS X 10.13.5 Requires Evernote 7.2 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 3 Download now  
    Download Evernote 9 beta 2
    Release date: 09 Aug 2016 Made in OS X 10.11.5 Requires Evernote 6 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 3 Download now  
    For Alfred 2
    Version 8.992 Release date: 20 Feb 2015 Made in OS X 10.10.2 Requires Evernote 6.06 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 2.6 or later Download now  
    What's new?
    9 beta 3: minor code optimizations and updated workflow preferences (enpref keyword) 9 beta 2: bugs fixed and Evernote API updated 9 beta 1: Alfred 3 support 8.991: Evernote 6.06 initial support 8.9: Yosemite beta and note templates support 8.7: interface bugs fixed 8.6: enn issue fixed Improved reminder time support e.g. Tomorrow at 2:00 Added support for tags that start with a hash sign e.g. #Home Added support for tags that start with an at sign e.g. @Work Added support for notebooks that start with an at sign e.g. @Notes Workflow should be faster in most of cases When appending from a search result now you can hold Option key to include current date Type a Note supports multiple lines (first line will be the title) e.g. enn Line 1 /n Line 2 New Keyword enl and its hotkey to load the last search query Added support for some of Alfred 2.3 new features Workflow version history here.
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    Jono reacted to Vero in Contacts filter & open the contact in Alfred? [Fixed 2.0.3 b184]   
    Alfred 2.0.3 b184 is now in pre-release from the in-app auto-updater, including improvements for this, so please update to test
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    Jono reacted to Carlos-Sz in Recent Items 4.3 beta 2 for Alfred 4: Finder Recent Items   
    Version 3.0 is out:

    Auto path
    Improved favorites sorting
    Improved recent items filter
    Alleyoop 2.0 support
    See initial post for details including the new Auto Path feature.
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    Jono got a reaction from koiyu in Remember the last typed query for 5 mins [It's back!]   
    I like the idea of using the up arrow to access past searches, but still find myself missing the last search being there automatically when I re-activate Alfred. I hope the option to show it makes it's way back into the app before the app is finalised.
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    Jono reacted to ClintonStrong in Search Safari and Chrome Tabs [Updated Feb 8, 2014]   
    Hm, it shouldn't be opening a browser if it isn't already running. It just looks for "Google Chrome.app" in the process list (`ps ax`), but maybe there's a background process running that it's picking up.
    I tried making the search a bit more specific to make sure the browser itself is running, and not just a helper app. Let me know if that fixes it. (Updated download link in the original post.)
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    Jono reacted to Carlos-Sz in Recent Items 4.3 beta 2 for Alfred 4: Finder Recent Items   
    Workflow version 1.8 is out (25 Mar 2013)!
    Favorites improved drill-down menu interaction with open/save OS X dialogs See initial post for details.
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    Jono reacted to eknkc in Pinboard Search Workflow   
    Posted another update with some improvements and additions:
    - pbunread lists all bookmarks in "read later queue". when you select and open one here, it is automatically marked as read.
    - pbreload to force reload data from server.
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    Jono reacted to eknkc in Pinboard Search Workflow   
    Posted a little update,
    Cmd + Click copies URL of a bookmark.
    Ctrl + Click deletes a bookmark from pinboard.
    A couple of fixes.
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    Jono reacted to woofy31 in [Workflow Helpers] AppleScript solution   
    Hey all Alfred lovers out there,
    After David Ferguson created the PHP Workflows class to help PHP gurus create complex workflows with ease, I decided to create an equivalent solution for AppleScript gurus, because let's face it: you can't really do with PHP (or other languages) what you can do with AppleScript in terms of controlling your Mac system and its apps.
    This library provides an object-oriented library of functions for working with plist settings files, reading and writing data to files, generating Alfred feedback results, requesting remote data, and more. But before you begin working with it, please make sure you read the documentation first as it contains vital information on how to use it, as well as help & examples (there's even an example AlfredWorkflow file that uses this library to show you how you can use it for your own workflows).
    P.S. at the moment the library lacks JSON support since AppleScript doesn't know anything about it, so until I develop a JSON parser for AppleScript you can either use David's PHP class or improvise on my work and keep an eye on the github repository because I will probably add more AlfredWorkflows, and hopefully I'll manage to make a proper JSON parser in the meantime.
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    Jono reacted to eknkc in Pinboard Search Workflow   
    I just created an alternative Pinboard workflow that allows searching for pinboard bookmarks within Alfred. It can fetch data asynchronously, so there should not be delays during searches and the matching code has some fuzzy logic. Might come in handy for Pinboard users so I wanted to share.
    NOTE: It requires Node.JS to be installed. Please get it from http://nodejs.org if you dont have Node.
    pinboardauth username:TOKEN <- set access token (get it from https://pinboard.in/settings/password)
    pb query <- search for query
    pbunread <- items in read later list
    pbreload <- force data reload
    Hold cmd while selecting a bookmark to copy it's url to clipboard.
    Hold ctrl while selecting to delete a bookmark from your pinboard.
    Source Code:
    Let me know if it works for you.
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    Jono reacted to Andrew in Duplicate workflows?   
    I'm going to add a 'duplicate' option in at some point pretty soon... the quickest thing to do for now is reveal the workflow in finder, give it a nice name (instead of the random uid) and then just copy/paste in finder until you have the number you need. Alfred will pick up on these and load them into the prefs
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    Jono reacted to oliverwaters in Currency Converter   
    Great workflow! Thanks.
    Useful little mod is to change the keywords to the appropriate currency symbols and remove the requirement for a space. 
    For example '£' will initiate the GBP conversions and '$' will initiate the USD conversions.
    Now simply entering '£300', for example, will show the relevant GBP conversions.
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    Jono reacted to jdfwarrior in Browse specified folder in Alfred triggered by keyword   
    If I'm understanding correctly, yes it COULD be done.
    Using a keyword input, make that run execute a "Run AppleScript" action that would: tell application "Alfred 2" to search "<enter your path here>".
    That would kick Alfred back into browse mode of that folder. From there you could use the file/folder actions to open, reveal in Finder, etc.
    Does that makes sense?
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    Jono reacted to jdfwarrior in Favorite folders   
    Btw, I love this idea. Don't know why I haven't thought about making this already as there are several folders I manually navigate to often. Here it is
    Find a folder in search results or in the file nav, there should be a result action for folders only labeled "Add to Favorites". Select it and the folder will be added to your favorites list.
    Use the 'favs' keyword to see the list of favs. Pressing Enter will open the fav in Finder. Cmd+Enter will browse that folder in Alfred. Ctrl+Enter will delete it from the favs list.
    Btw, the fav items are marked as a file item so you can still action them too
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    Jono reacted to JuhaT in Favorite folders   
    Is there some way to call favorite folder list (user defined) using Alfred?
    For example if I have 5 folders I constantly jumping around and I would like to call them and browse those folders inside Alfred.
    Also that list should be able to modify if user want to list different folders as favorite.
    Favorites (shortcut)
    1. Folder A
    2. Folder B
    3. Folder C
    4. Folder D
    5. Folder E
    It's like Finder sidebar, but inside Alfred! Possible?
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    Jono reacted to Carlos-Sz in Recent Items 4.3 beta 2 for Alfred 4: Finder Recent Items   

    Workflow to display recent Finder files and folders featuring:
    5 default categories 2 custom categories Favorites, including a file action Keywords and hotkeys for Favorites and all categories apart Interaction with Open/Save dialogs and Finder Go To Folder Preview, reveal, open or use Alfred file actions Usage

    Show Alfred and type the keyword rec:

    You can also use the category keyword if you prefer to access the recent files directly, without an initial menu:
    Now: keyword now Folders: keyword fol Applications: keyword apps Documents: keyword docs Downloads: keyword dow Custom Category 1: keyword c1 Custom Category 2: keyword c2 Favorites: keyword fav In addition, there is a hotkey for the keyword rec, Favorites and all categories apart.

    Note that all keywords, as well as the hotkeys, can be changed (go to Alfred Preferences > Workflows).

    Finally, once inside a category you have the following actions:
    Return key: open the file or folder Command key: reveal the file or folder in Finder Option key: pass the file/older path to an open/save dialog or Finder window Control key: add/remove an item to/from Favorites Shift key: preview (Quick Look) the file or folder Custom Categories

    You can set up to two custom categories:
    Show Alfred and type the keyword recpref Select a category to configure and press return key Type an unique category name with at least 3 characters Type one or more (separated by comma) file types e.g.: com.adobe.pdf,public.plain-text To find a file type you can use Alfred Metadata Analyzer.

    To remove a custom category press command key while highlighting one of them in recpref.


    All files or folders set as a favorite item will remain in the list no matter how old they are.

    To add an item to Favorites just highlight a file or folder, hold control key and press return key.

    To remove an item go to Favorites, highlight an item, hold control key and press return key.

    You can also add items utilizing Alfred File Action (accepts multiple files).

    Note that Favorites has also its own keyword (fav) and hotkey.

    Interacting with Open/Save Dialog or Finder

    You can pass a recent file or folder path, or an item in Favorites, to an open/save dialog or even the current Finder window to go to that folder:
    when an open/save dialog is displayed type the keyword rec or any other category keyword find an item (a file or folder or an item from Favorites), highlight it, hold option key and press return key wait a bit so the workflow can load and paste the item path Default Folder

    The workflow remembers the last path used per application. To use the feature just type the keyword df when an open/save dialog is displayed.

    If the workflow was never used for the application, or the path does not exist anymore, then the keyword rec will be automatically triggered so you can select a path from a file or folder.

    There is also a hotkey to make things even faster.

    Make sure to give the feature time to process because e.g. if you hold keyboard keys way too long then the feature may not work as expected.

    What’s new
    Up to 2 custom categories (keyword recpref) Downloads category Keyword for each category Hotkey for each category Multiple files in Add to Favorites file action Changed Auto-path to Default Folder (keyworod df) Changed Just Now category to Now Added Help (keyword rechelp) Update to Alfred 2.3 features Several internal improvements  
    Version 4.3 beta 2 (removed Alfred 3 references) Release date: 12 Jul 2020 Requires Alfred 4 Download  
    Version 4.2 Release date: 19 Jun 2016 Requires Alfred 3 Download  
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    Jono reacted to jdfwarrior in Split Level Subfolder Search   
    I have an idea of how to accomplish this... let me poke around at it a bit, hopefully tonight, and I'll try to post something back. If you don't hear back from me in the next day or so, bump this thread again. I've been extremely busy and an liable to get busy and forget
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    Jono reacted to jovotrox in Upload to Droplr   
    I made this workflow to help myself when I'm browsing files in Alfred and I want to share them.
    Here is a little Workflow to upload the selected file to Droplr.
    Works better if you have Droplr already open.
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    Jono reacted to jdfwarrior in Recent Documents   
    Recent Documents Workflow
    This workflow gives you quick access to documents launched through Alfred.
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    Jono got a reaction from cortig in Searching for OpenMeta Tags   
    Nice workflow 
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    Jono reacted to Andrew in Exclude locations from search filters?   
    If you are using file filter (workflow objects), it would be better to specify ~/Library directly in their scopes rather than the main scope... this will keep the default results nice and clean
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