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  1. Download link updated. [Admin note for newcomers to this thread: You'll always find the updated link in the first post of this thread, including information on which version of Evernote to use, as well as details on how to use the workflow ]
  2. Thank you for your feedback. I've been busy lately but eventually I'll try to fix it.
  3. Evernote 6.10: make sure to download from Evernote site (not from AppStore) and if the workflow is not working try to uninstall if from Alfred preferences then download the latest version of the workflow and install it again. Evernote 6.11 beta: I'll have to wait a final version
  4. Evernote beta? Unless a new version breaks AppleScript commands it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. The workflow depends on Spotlight. Maybe something related to it. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. The workflow requires Evernote from evernote.com running. Note that it is no compatible with Evernote from Apple Store.
  7. It's not possible because Finder does not have an AppleScript command for that. I have made a test with the current version for Alfred 3 (4.2) and it seems to be working fine. I'll make more tests but note that the workflow depends on Spotlight and, sometimes, it may be a good idea to delete the workflow and install it again. Note, however, that you will lose your customization. Finally, make sure to update Alfred 3 and use version 4.2 of the workflow. There is not easy way to do that. I'd have to change some scripts.
  8. You have to select a note to append, that's why the second step. It searches by title.
  9. I have tested with a jpg from Safari and it worked. It seems the image, for some reason, caused the error. Can you please test with another image? You could also send me the image or link so I can make some tests here. Thank you again for your feedback. I have updated the link. Here it is: Evernote workflow for Alfred 2
  10. Evernote 9 beta 2 with some bugs fixed and Evernote API updated Download
  11. I've found the issue. Evernote has changed the API to find a note and the workflow is still using the old way. I'll fix it ASAP. Thank you for your feedback.
  12. I did a version that logs most steps of the Add procedure. It will create a log_pinboard.txt in your desktop so you can easily check what was logged. By the way, It will log your token API twice. You can open the file, check if they are right and replace them by random characters. Please, after deleting your API from the log send the file or the content to me. Please, try to delete the workflow and install the new one. Download here Thank you.
  13. Can you please give me more details? How many files did you select in Finder? What kind of files did you select in Finder? Thank you.
  14. Can you please test the following version? Download 1.51 I've found that some links was not added due the not so usual characters. You should see a better error information. You can also try to add Alfred 3 and Script Editor to the System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Accessibility if the version still doesn't work at all for you. In addition, double check your Pinboard API and that you are entering correctly in Alfred Preferences. Thank you for your feedback.
  15. Thank you for sharing it. Yesterday the AppleScript was not working. I started Parallels 10, register it (again) then I disabled sharing applications. After that the AppleScript and Google Chrome worked properly again.
  16. What Browser do you use? Google Chrome seems to be broken regarding the AppleScript command to get active its tab information.
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