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  1. Great! Thank you for your feedback. Yes it is planned. I kind of think the same way.
  2. Version 1.9.5 is out with small improvements. See initial post.
  3. Thank you. Yes, it is possible. I’ll send you a PM about it. Thank you. The one thing hard coded, and maybe it shouldn’t, is the Applications category icon that points to /Applications/App Store.app. Are you using Mountain Lion? Anyway, please try to delete the workflow, download it and install it again. Once I got a corrupted download and got stuck in a Loading screen.
  4. I don’t have Outlook but basically the interaction will work as long as the open/save dialog supports Command+Shift+G to set the folder. Regarding the issue, please try version 1.9.2 (see initial post) Thank you. Fixed.
  5. Version 1.9 is out! Added hotkey to display Favorites category See initial post for details.
  6. Evernote workflow 3.3 is out: File Action: add a file to Evernote using Alfred File Action Add a Finder selected file to Evernote See initial post for details.
  7. Workflow version 1.8 is out (25 Mar 2013)! Favorites improved drill-down menu interaction with open/save OS X dialogs See initial post for details.
  8. I’m glad you like it. Add a file to Evernote is coming soon.
  9. Maybe we could have a forum only for Workflow Requests and let Share your Workflows for workflow releases only and Workflow Help & Questions for users trying to make their own workflows.
  10. Thank you! I made some tests and it seems Evernote does not deliver the results in a specific order or, at least, I couldn’t see it. If I find something else I’ll let you know.
  11. OK. I made a workflow and tested it only with AppleScript Editor. Here is the code that worked: —-The save as dialog uses text as input and UNIX path as far as I can tell set filePath to POSIX path of q as text tell application "System Events" set theApplication to application processes whose frontmost is true set target to item 1 of theApplication set target to a reference to front window of target set target to a reference to front sheet of target delay 0.5 tell target to keystroke "g" using {command down, shift down} -- Activate goto field delay 0.5 tell target set value of
  12. 1. I think line 3 should be... set filePath to POSIX file q …without the of 2. Can you please give us a link to download and try the workflow?
  13. Evernote workflow 3.1 is out! See initial post for details and thank you all for your feedback!
  14. There is a different approach for a note search (my workflow uses Evernote commands vs. spotlight) and how to add a new note may be different too (e.g. if you make a note or text selection while your Browser is the top most app the note will also include the URL). Anyway, maybe you should try both and see what fits better in you way of take notes.
  15. @ Trauni Here it is. I’ll add a hotkey so you can also type a new note.
  16. Got it. I’ll fix it as soon as possible.
  17. I started the code to create a new note in Evernote: New Note from Clipboard: selecting this will create a text note in Evernote with the Clipboard content (you can optionally type the note title) New Note from Text Selection: for example, you select a text in iWork that you want to add to Evernote. After selecting it, bring Alfred, type evnew keyword and select New Note from Text Selection (you can optionally type the note title). A new note will be created with the text selection. Type the Note: if you have a piece of information that you want to quickly save in Evernote just type some
  18. Thank you for your feedback. Great to hear. Search for content can slow down things a bit.
  19. Nice workflow. What does MEM: mean in the subtitle? If memory usage it seems not properly converted. Can you add or translate it into MB?
  20. I still have about 100 notes. Most of them vey short. Can you please make an intitle search in my workflow? Open Alfred window and type en intitle:your query Replace your query for something else of course. I’m saying that because my workflow is also searching notes content. @ All I have played around with Evernote and spotlight. Though I see it can be useful for some users the Evernote preview is very limited. It is just a screenshot of part of the note. For me it is barely usable. If I search for content the tiny screenshot can’t show anything that helps identify the not
  21. @ all RIght now Evernote does not give too much commands to talk directly to it (in order to make scripts). The intention here is to make use of those commands. So this workflow may work for some users as it is (Evernote running, no preview…) though improvements may come of course. However, if you need spotlight approach there is a great workflow made by Florian. Check it here.
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