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  1. Thank you for your kindness but it is not necessary. Maybe something for MailTags 4.
  2. Great to hear! Hi Scott Nice surprise! I bought MailTags yesterday due the workflow (although MailTags was in my purchase list for some time) and I’m still learning what it can do. I own OmniFocus and I see a “OmniFocusProjects.plist”. The other two are “ThingsProjects.plist” and “theHitlistProjects.plist”? By the way, I couldn’t find a list of all tags used in MailTags, only preferred. Did I miss something? I’ll try Tickle dates for sure. You can list the workflow, no problem at all. Do you have an email so I can eventually contact you privately?
  3. If multiple files or folders what is the format would you like to be copied to the clipboard? A plain list of names separated by comma (filename1, filename2, filename3)? Can you please elaborate?
  4. Version 1.1 support for Projects list of tags (preferred and from the selected email) See initial post for details.
  5. I should have something related to projects later today. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. Here it a new version. Please test it. Download I’ve added the keyword ensync to, well, synchronize Evernote.
  7. I’ll review the script later today and then I’ll post here some test builds. Thank you for your patience.
  8. Mailtags Workflow 2.5 Workflow to tag, tickle and set Project to emails using MailTags 3. The workflow was suggested by rdpozo. Usage Select email(s) from Apple Mail app Bring Alfred and type the keyword mtag (for tagging) or mproj (for Project) or mtic (for Tickle) Select a tag or Project or Tickle from the list or type a new one. You can also type multiple tags separating them by comma e.g. tag1,tag2,tag3 Hit return key You can set a new email Tickle by typing the date (e.g. 4/5/13 or 4-5-2013 or 4.5.13) or by telling how many days from now on (e.g. 5 days
  9. Great. I think I’ll go with the sync keyword. I initially decided to let Evernote alone regarding synching (not that it can’t be changed in the future).
  10. The file is in my Dropbox account and I’ve downloaded it without any issues just now. Anyway, here is an alternative download link.
  11. Nice! Force if necessary is useful sometimes.
  12. Thank you. Do you mean a command just for synching or an automatic synching right after a new note is created? The remote link is right but here what I’ve found: I changed some files to make my version Evernote 4.1. Alleyoop download the right version but it renamed it to 4.1 (it gets the name of the workflow not the remote file). Anyway, please download version 4.5 directly from the link (see initial post) just in case.
  13. Make sure you don’t have any other workflow, or even a copy of Evernote, using the same keyword. I’ve just tested in another Mac and it is also working fine. Anyway, I’ll double check some procedures just in case. One more thing: try to restart Alfred (quit Alfred itself, not only preferences).
  14. I downloaded and tested the workflow and everything is fine. Please, download the workflow again and reinstall it: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/127623/Evernote%204.5.alfredworkflow You can also try to restart Alfred just in case.
  15. Version 3.0 is out: Auto path Improved favorites sorting Improved recent items filter Alleyoop 2.0 support See initial post for details including the new Auto Path feature.
  16. I didn’t have the chance to use QuickCursor but I’m glad the workflow is a nice alternative for an user of the application.
  17. Version 2.8 Paste a note to the topmost application (e.g. start a search, select a note, hold fn key and press Return) See initial post for details.
  18. Version 4.5 is out: Paste a note directly to the topmost application (e.g. search a note, hold fn key and hit Return key to paste the note content into the editor) Hotkeys to search See initial post for details.
  19. I tried to download the dark but Droplr says “Not Found”. Can you check the link please? Thanks.
  20. And here is a version that will search for everything (.txt, .md, .ft) and it is much faster too: link
  21. I’m glad you liked it! And thank you for all the kind words.
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