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  1. If you want to code yourself, here is an example to create a text file with clipboard content using osascript in a easier way rather than -e: http://d.pr/f/5Jp7 I’m still learning and studying some advanced workflows around here like the “touch” from phyllisstein.
  2. Thank you David. I’m still learning about AppleScript and Shell/Bash and things like these. I think it is working: http://d.pr/f/5Jp7 Basically it is a New Text File with clipboard content created in the current Finder folder: 1) you can use a hotkey to create a new text file, or 2) you can use Alfred (key “newf”) to write the filename followed automatically by date and time or press CTRL key to use only the filename Right now the workflow does not check anything e.g. if a file already exists... PS: I studied some workflows in this forum and applescript samples from the web in order to compile this workflow.
  3. I’d like to be able to use {query} in an AppleScript but as far as I could understand it is not possible because AppleScript can’t be used in Script Filter. So I would like to be able to set a Keyword (with an argument required) and copy this argument ({query}) to the clipboard then add an AppleScript action that could read the clipboard and use the {query} this way. To do so it would be necessary an action to Copy to Clipboard or an option in Keyword input to copy the argument ({query}) to the clipboard before running the action. Thanks!
  4. That’s a nice workflow. Suggestion: - if the user does not type a file extension make it .txt Thanks!
  5. I tried the latest version but it seems that nothing has changed. My local mailboxes were not listed. I have even downloaded the file two more times to make sure I was installing a new version. In addition, I manually deleted the mbCache.plist because if you delete the Workflow using Alfred interface the file is not deleted.
  6. Point 1: I was using b72. I have updated to b94. Point 2: Great! Thank you.
  7. I’ve just installed it. It’s a great idea but it does not list any mailbox (mm and mg commands) at all. By the way, there is no "...Workflow Data/com.palobo.mailactions/mbCache.plist” in my "~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2” folder. Maybe the the Workflow is not creating it as soon as it is installed? Thank you. Upate 01: Here’s an error from the Workflow log: Update 02: I checked the Workflow code and it seems it was expecting the “Workflow Data” to exist. I created it and now the Workflow lists mailboxes but in a strange way e.g. missing mailboxes, sometimes as I type the last letter is repeated… I’ll check a bit more. Update 03: By the way, the mbCache.plist didn’t list mailboxes created On My Mac. It seems it is listing only default mailboxes, such as INBOX or TRASH or JUNK and mailboxes created On iCloud. Update 04: I edited the mbCache.plist to make some tests and it seems the Workflow is expecting an account name but local (on mac) mailboxes are not attached to an account. Update 05: I’ve edited “moveMsg.scpt” and removed the "of account acct” part of the code and it is working for local (on mac) mailboxes. However, this part of the code seems to be necessary for mailboxes attached to an account (such as iCloud). I had to manually edit mbCache.plist to add the local mailboxes first though. In resume, the Workflow as it is does not work with local mailboxes but I think there is a way… Conclusion: In order to work with local mailboxes the account string could be null so the moveMsg.scpt can filter action to move considering an account or not. However, I’m not sure how you will list local mailboxes in the mbCache.plist.
  8. I’ll try it. Thanks. Earlier this week I right clicked a zip file and saw some repeated items. I hope it fixes for good.
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