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  1. It seems Evernote 6.06 has fixed the search bug. Thank you for your feedback. I’ll consider your idea. @all: It seems Evernote 6.06 has fixed the search bug. Anyway, note that, for now, it seems not possible to preview a note due the changes Evernote did regarding how it stores notes locally.
  2. I’m still waiting, since version 5.6, for fix. It seems things like this are not important to them… Unfortunately.
  3. I uninstalled Evernote 5.6+ and reinstalled 5.5 from a site I found on Google. Everything went find here but make sure to make a backup first!
  4. Evernote app from Evernote.com is an old requirement due the MAS app limitations. Evernote 5.6 or greater introduced some bugs that make the workflow almost useless. I've already reported them last year but they didn't reply. So the only solution right now is to downgrade. That's what I had to do.
  5. Thank you. Make sure to download Evernote app from evernote.com Unfortunately I’m still using Evernote 5.5+ due the bugs of Evernote 6 that made my workflow almost useless.
  6. Thank you all for the great feedback. I’m still on vacation. Next month I’ll probably start to update my workflows (I’m still upset regarding Evernote app terrible updates…).
  7. It is already there (all the requirements).
  8. Please check the workflow settings.plist in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.sztoltz.editwith/ Can you see MacVim there? Thanks.
  9. Thank you. The main workflow problem is that find notes command returns notes from all notebooks even if a specific notebook is set.
  10. Very, very interesting feature. It’s kind of sad that Evernote app 5.6+ kind of broke my workflow but I’ll make some tests to take advantage of the delay. I can see that my rename workflow can be more responsive when managing lots of files because it creates an HTML preview every time the script runs and now I can control that in a better way. Thank you. Great feature.
  11. The workflow needs an update to work on Yosemite. However, you can copy a settings.plist in the reported folder and the workflow should work. Here’s one if you need: download
  12. I couldn’t reproduce the issue, although the workflow needs an update. Please, try to delete and reinstall the workflow.
  13. I’m on vacation. After Evernote app 5.6 I’m kind of holding for a fix (AppleScript find notes command fix at least) to update the workflow. I had to downgrade my Evernote app in order to properly use it. It’s sad. Evernote app 5.6+ was a very sad update for the workflow. It froze the workflow development and the fix seems far away. I’m feeling that I lost my time doing the workflow knowing the Evernote app developer, even after some months, didn’t fix what was a very basic AppleScript command. After Evernote app 5.6 I’m kind of holding for a fix (AppleScript find notes command fix at least) to update the workflow. I had to downgrade my Evernote app in order to properly use it. It’s sad. If you can and you need the command please consider downgrade your Evernote app.
  14. I'm on vacation. ASAP I'll see what I can do about it.
  15. Evernote has only one AppleScript dictionary and it seems it is only linked to the app itself.
  16. I’ll surely consider such feature. Thank you for your feedback. Anyway, you can use the type a note hotkey and then: 1. hit the hotkey 2. type the text 3. hold Cmd key 4. select the note to append 5. hit enter
  17. I couldn’t answer sooner but I’m glad you have found the solution. Unfortunately there is no video but that’s a good idea. Thank you for your feedback!
  18. Unfortunately Evernote 5.6+ has too many issues with AppleScript. I had to downgrade to Evernote 5.5.x. I’m waiting for a more stable Evernote version.
  19. Unfortunately I had to downgrade Evernote 5.6+ to 5.5.1. Today there is a new version of Evernote but I’m not sure what is fixed. Note that most of the issues are due Evernote app bugs. Anyway, I’ll eventually update Evernote but not for now.
  20. ennt was replaced by etemp Can You try it please?
  21. I could not reproduce the issue, at least not yet. I have downloaded a previous version of Evernote from Uptodown (I could not find anything wrong with the file but since it is not from the official site…). [update] here is a new version that removes some manual menu sorting to let Alfred handle it again (Alfred Preferences>Advanced>Top Result Latching) along with some error handling: download
  22. It should not ask anything. I’ll try to reproduce the issue. [update] Please try version 8.93: download
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