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  1. I’m on vacation. After Evernote app 5.6 I’m kind of holding for a fix (AppleScript find notes command fix at least) to update the workflow. I had to downgrade my Evernote app in order to properly use it. It’s sad. Evernote app 5.6+ was a very sad update for the workflow. It froze the workflow development and the fix seems far away. I’m feeling that I lost my time doing the workflow knowing the Evernote app developer, even after some months, didn’t fix what was a very basic AppleScript command. After Evernote app 5.6 I’m kind of holding for a fix (AppleScript find
  2. I'm on vacation. ASAP I'll see what I can do about it.
  3. Evernote has only one AppleScript dictionary and it seems it is only linked to the app itself.
  4. I’ll surely consider such feature. Thank you for your feedback. Anyway, you can use the type a note hotkey and then: 1. hit the hotkey 2. type the text 3. hold Cmd key 4. select the note to append 5. hit enter
  5. I couldn’t answer sooner but I’m glad you have found the solution. Unfortunately there is no video but that’s a good idea. Thank you for your feedback!
  6. Unfortunately Evernote 5.6+ has too many issues with AppleScript. I had to downgrade to Evernote 5.5.x. I’m waiting for a more stable Evernote version.
  7. Unfortunately I had to downgrade Evernote 5.6+ to 5.5.1. Today there is a new version of Evernote but I’m not sure what is fixed. Note that most of the issues are due Evernote app bugs. Anyway, I’ll eventually update Evernote but not for now.
  8. ennt was replaced by etemp Can You try it please?
  9. I could not reproduce the issue, at least not yet. I have downloaded a previous version of Evernote from Uptodown (I could not find anything wrong with the file but since it is not from the official site…). [update] here is a new version that removes some manual menu sorting to let Alfred handle it again (Alfred Preferences>Advanced>Top Result Latching) along with some error handling: download
  10. It should not ask anything. I’ll try to reproduce the issue. [update] Please try version 8.93: download
  11. Please, try to delete the workflow from Alfred Preferences, download it (see initial post) and install it again. Note that the workflow relies on Yosemite spotlight.
  12. You can try to edit line 553 of en_addnote.scpt: set sNote to (paragraph 1 of theHeader & return & paragraph 2 of theHeader & return & paragraph 3 of theHeader & return & paragraph 4 of theHeader & return & return & sNote) Maybe removing paragraph 1 of theHeader & return &
  13. I had to downgrade to Evernote 5.5.1 because the current version has too many bugs, specially regarding AppleScript. I’ll try to make some tests as soon as possible and I’ll try to make some error handling across enn keyword.
  14. I’ll have to investigate the issue though it may happen even with a http link. Try to delete the workflow then install it again. It will need some time to download bookmarks and tags. Anyway, as soon as possible I’ll make some tests.
  15. 1. Delete the workflow from Alfred preferences 2. Download version 8.92 of the workflow from here 3. Install the workflow again 4. Make sure to use Evernote app from evernote.com 5. Make sure to update Alfred
  16. I think it is possible to add current date as a template feature like selection and clipboard. Read about templates here. Thank you. It is very nice to know the workflow is useful for you and that’s all that matter.
  17. The workflow could remove .png and .jpg/jpeg from the list instead of collecting all known documents type. I’ll think about it. Thank you for your feedback.
  18. In addition, here is a new build (8.92) that changed the template keyword from ennt to etem Download
  19. OS X Spotlight consider some images (or at least a png) as a document too.
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