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  1. I can’t reproduce the issue but I’m making some tests. Please try to delete the workflow from Alfred Preferences then install it again and make sure Alfred is also updated to version 2.5 (299).
  2. The file type (UTI) for images: public.png,public.jpeg,public.image To test, make sure to open an image.
  3. You can try to open the App Store app and check if Evernote is installed. The workflow will only work properly with the Evernote from evernote.com and also with the latest Alfred version.
  4. What Evernote version are you using? Make sure it is from evernote.com In addition, try to delete the workflow from Alfred Preferences then install it again.
  5. Gerat! Thank you for your feedback. The workflow will also search in description though it does not display it. If you really need to always read the description then it is something I’ll have to think about it due the Alfred interface.
  6. Please, download the latest workflow version. I see you’re using 8.0. Great video by the way. Download 8.91 for Evernote 5.6 app or greater PS: see initial post for details.
  7. Did you set the workflow to work with Dropbox Public folder? Are you using Mavericks? Can you try to disable ClipMenu and make a test? Thank you. Great. Thank you.
  8. Version 1.2 should work on Yosemite now. Please, let me know. Download
  9. I still need to update this workflow for Yosemite. I'll do it ASAP.
  10. 1. Go to Alfred Preferences then Workflows tab. 2. Select Edit With workflow 3. Double click File Filter 4. Click Search Scope tab then set where the workflow should search for the app
  11. Use /n between title and the note itself (a second /n will be interpreted as a new line) e.g. enn my title /n my note
  12. Evernote 5.6? If not please install the previous workflow version (see initial post for links). [update] It seems version 5.6 changed the way to search in a notebook. I’ll have to make an update. Thank you for your feedback. [update 2] It seems the Evernote app command find notes is not working properly (it seems another bug). The command is not passing results from a given notebook but always from all notes.
  13. And here is a version that fixes some issues due Evernote 5.6 changes: Download 8.91 for Evernote 5.6 app or greater Note: as I wrote it is not possible to show a preview (quick look) anymore (at least not for now).
  14. About Evernote 5.6 The new version of Evernote app changes how notes are saved and, unfortunately, removes any reference to the note file/folder itself, meaning the workflow will not be able to show a note preview (quick look). I’ll keep trying to find a way but so far it does not seem possible.
  15. Please, try this version. Make sure you’re using Alfred 2.5 or later. Sure, as soon as I have a new major and final version I’ll also update it there. The latest version, with Yosemite initial support, is 8.9. You can download it here.
  16. Please, try to delete the workflow from Alfred preferences then install it again. It seems fine here (OS X Mavericks).
  17. I may be wrong or even my Evernote is not that right but I think you can only use an asterisk wildcard after the query, even in Evernote app. The workflow is a kind of front end for Evernote app and thus follows Evernote app rules.
  18. Hi I’ve just checked Evernote’s dictionary and it seems I can’t change the note source.
  19. Please try typing e.g. ens bit* Or try setting automatic in the workflow preferences (see workflow Help for details).
  20. I’m sorry about that. Just go to the initial post and there you can download version 8.7 or 8.9 (an update that also works with Yosemite beta).
  21. Please, try this version. If it does not work for you please delete Evernote workflow from Alfred Preferences then reinstall the workflow (link above). Finally, make sure your Evernote app is from evernote.com and NOT from Mac AppStore.
  22. Great. Thank you for your feedback. @all: If anyone needs support for Yosemite please download version 3.2 here.
  23. Version 3.1 should work with Yosemite. Download I’ll see what I can do to make things even better. Thank you for your feedback.
  24. Evernote 8.9 with Yosemite support is out: Yosemite support Templates (read about it here) Initial support for hidden subtext (Alfred preference) Download
  25. Yosemite, at least for now, is not creating a new plist file using System Events. The version below changes the approach: Download 3.2 Thank you for your feedback!
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