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  1. Please, try to delete the workflow from Alfred Preferences, download it (see initial post) and install it again. Note that the workflow relies on Yosemite spotlight.
  2. You can try to edit line 553 of en_addnote.scpt: set sNote to (paragraph 1 of theHeader & return & paragraph 2 of theHeader & return & paragraph 3 of theHeader & return & paragraph 4 of theHeader & return & return & sNote) Maybe removing paragraph 1 of theHeader & return &
  3. I had to downgrade to Evernote 5.5.1 because the current version has too many bugs, specially regarding AppleScript. I’ll try to make some tests as soon as possible and I’ll try to make some error handling across enn keyword.
  4. I’ll have to investigate the issue though it may happen even with a http link. Try to delete the workflow then install it again. It will need some time to download bookmarks and tags. Anyway, as soon as possible I’ll make some tests.
  5. 1. Delete the workflow from Alfred preferences 2. Download version 8.92 of the workflow from here 3. Install the workflow again 4. Make sure to use Evernote app from evernote.com 5. Make sure to update Alfred
  6. I think it is possible to add current date as a template feature like selection and clipboard. Read about templates here. Thank you. It is very nice to know the workflow is useful for you and that’s all that matter.
  7. The workflow could remove .png and .jpg/jpeg from the list instead of collecting all known documents type. I’ll think about it. Thank you for your feedback.
  8. In addition, here is a new build (8.92) that changed the template keyword from ennt to etem Download
  9. OS X Spotlight consider some images (or at least a png) as a document too.
  10. I can’t reproduce the issue but I’m making some tests. Please try to delete the workflow from Alfred Preferences then install it again and make sure Alfred is also updated to version 2.5 (299).
  11. Can you share the workflow? It seems file filter is working properly here (Mavericks + Alfred 2.5 (299))
  12. The file type (UTI) for images: public.png,public.jpeg,public.image To test, make sure to open an image.
  13. It seems to be working here. Anyway, you can simplify the command e.g.: run script "unidentified.scpt" with parameters {"{query}"}
  14. You can try to open the App Store app and check if Evernote is installed. The workflow will only work properly with the Evernote from evernote.com and also with the latest Alfred version.
  15. What Evernote version are you using? Make sure it is from evernote.com In addition, try to delete the workflow from Alfred Preferences then install it again.
  16. Gerat! Thank you for your feedback. The workflow will also search in description though it does not display it. If you really need to always read the description then it is something I’ll have to think about it due the Alfred interface.
  17. Please, download the latest workflow version. I see you’re using 8.0. Great video by the way. Download 8.91 for Evernote 5.6 app or greater PS: see initial post for details.
  18. Did you set the workflow to work with Dropbox Public folder? Are you using Mavericks? Can you try to disable ClipMenu and make a test? Thank you. Great. Thank you.
  19. Version 1.2 should work on Yosemite now. Please, let me know. Download
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