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  1. I love the way Matt Healy's Text Tools workflow looks, and I wanted a workflow to move selected finder items to a specific folder in the same way that you can create a new text file in his workflow. I don't know Applescript or shell script, but I do know how to grab pieces of code from other places and throw them at Applescript editor until something works. After several weeks of googling and throwing rotten apples at the wall, I've finally gotten the workflow to work. All you have to do is select the item you want in the Finder and type "move" and the name of the folder you want in Al
  2. No need to modify the script! You can just use the \n command. So when you put the text in the prompt, just do "\nThis is the text I would like to append" I was running into that same problem, until I realized the files I had were Rich Text Files and not Plain Text. Once I converted the files, this extension worked perfectly. Have you checked to make sure your files are .txt ?
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