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  1. This one's quite niche, but if you work with Ethereum, this is handy. Type they keyword "etherscan" followed by a transaction ID, block number, wallet address, token name, etc to open it on etherscan.io. I've made 2 separate workflows for mainnet and ropsten with the same keyword. Download links: https://motionobj.com/goodies/Open in Etherscan.alfredworkflow https://motionobj.com/goodies/Open in Etherscan (Ropsten).alfredworkflow
  2. If you are using MacVim, add the following to your .vimrc and it will auto refresh the buffer with external changes: set autoread
  3. I often work on my Mac while running on battery and in the interest of reducing battery usage and reducing distractions from the internet, I often want to switch my WiFi on or off. I’m a keyboard person and will avoid reaching for my mouse if I can avoid it. Hence this Alfred workflow was born. From the README: This workflow for Alfred provides 3 shortcuts to switch on and off your WiFi. 1. w1 switch on your WiFi 2. w0 switch off your WiFi 3. w01 switches off and then switches on your WiFi w01 is very useful when you want to refresh the list of WiFi access points. Download link: http://motionobj.com/blog/alfred-workflow-to-toggle-wifi/
  4. Oh, I see you are not seeing *any* linebreak at all. Can you launch Terminal and type this (replacing with the path to your cap file): cat YOUR_PATH It will print out the contents of the file. If you see line breaks there, maybe it's a TextWrangler setting to do with what it consider linebreaks. See if there's a setting mentioning Unix/Windows linebreaks and play with that.
  5. Since it's line breaks – which isn't the most obvious to read – we might be talking past each other Try this: echo "{query}xx yy" >> YOUR_PATH echo "{query}" Do you observe the line breaks in your text file and the xx and yy "markers" appearing separated by empty line(s)?
  6. Sure, if you are comfortable with editing the script, open the workflow editor, double click on the Run Script stage, and modify the script from something like: echo "{query}" >> YOUR_PATH echo "{query}" to: echo "{query} " >> YOUR_PATH echo "{query}" and click Save. (Just place your cursor after the first } and hit return once/twice)
  7. I created this workflow recently and wrote about it at Alfred Workflow to Capture Thoughts and Ideas to a Text File Without Disrupting Your Flow. From the README: This workflow for Alfred captures what you type and appends it to a text file of your choice. It’s very useful to capture quickly any thoughts or tasks that surface while you’re working and don't want to be distracted. 1. Double click the downloaded Capture to text.aflredworkflow file in Finder to install. 2. Double click the Run Script action and replace the file name ~/Desktop/cap.txt in the Script with your preferred file path. The file will be automatically created when the workflow runs if it doesn't exist. 3. Click Save. To use it, type capture, hit return and then any text and hit return again, and your input text will be appended to the text file. Go through the text file in batches when you are ready. Download link: http://motionobj.com/blog/alfred-workflow-to-capture-thoughts-and-ideas-to-a-text-file-without-disrupting-your-flow/
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