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  1. No, I haven't updated to Catalina. Waiting on more of my apps to update to 64bit.
  2. Been using this workflow since @vitor provided it but now it's launching the app a SECOND time when I use this workflow. For instance, I'll already have a workflow that I use to open some sites and apps which include Reaper (DAW). Here: That workflow will launch everything just fine. I'll do my work and midway through I will do the 'Eject Disk' Workflow, seen here: But when I do the 'Eject' workflow it will launch 'Reaper' again and I'll have 2 windows for Reaper open. Any idea what went wrong here? Thanks
  3. Got it to work for 'eject.' is there a reverse method to 'mount' the drive?
  4. Thank you Vitor. Apologies for not being specific. Don't know if it matters at this point but the app is Reaper (Cockos). It's a DAW for music and audio.
  5. I have an external drive that I only use for an app-specific task (recording audio). The drive is located in a semi-incovenient place so I sometimes forget to unplug it when I'm done. Is there a workflow I can create to eject the external disc when I close the app? Thanks!
  6. Vitor, Thanks so much for getting back to me. I did some more digging on the Alfred website and found my answer here: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/start-your-day-workflow/ I just built that workflow and modified as I went along. Done! Sorry for the 'newb' question. I've actually been using Alfred a while but am just now trying to get into some more intricate uses with it. Side question: Are there video tutorials? Thanks again
  7. I'm just trying to create a simple workflow that will open a template when I type in the word 'sphere''. Thought I had it figured out but when I type it into Alfred, nothing happens. Here are some screenshots of the main workflow modules and when I open them up. I'm trying to open a template that's specific to the application Reaper Thanks for any input here.
  8. Might be beyond the scope of Alfred but here it goes... Can Alfred eject a hard drive when a specific application is closed? I'm sure there's an AppleScript out there to do that but thought I'd try the Aflred Route first. Thanks!
  9. Pages 7.0.1. I'll hit 'command+b' to enact the bold and then the text expander snippet (;bo for the 'Best of' text) but it won't BOLD the text.
  10. Hey Vero. I've noticed that my snippets are not matching the style of the destination. For instance, I'll paste into a 'bold' formatting yet the snippet will unravel in NON-bold.
  11. Thanks @Vero but I"m not seeing the "Show files marked as System File" box.
  12. I added it but it's not showing up when I type in the file's name: "Nectar-Home Voiceover"
  13. How do I tell Alfred to look for a file in my 'Library' folder? There's a template for an app I'd like it to see but it resides in user---library---application support---app name Thanks
  14. okay, good to know. Thanks Andrew
  15. Does Alfred have an email notification sound setting? I keep getting a sound when I get a new email and the developer of the mail app I use (MailMate) and can't seem to locate where it's coming from. All notifying sounds in MailMate have been disabled and the sound keeps coming. It even happens when Mailmate is closed. I've tried Soundbunny but it shows nothing when the sound occurs. link to the sound is here
  16. Hey Deanishe, Sorry for the delayed response. I'm looking to do a few tags. Such as 'trailer', 'soft', 'hardsell', 'announcery' Would this be possible?
  17. I'd like to, for instance, be able to name the file 'FileA' and with a keystroke (let's say Command-2) I can add the tag to the file of 'raspy' or 'lighthearted' or 'dark' or 'movie trailer', etc. Does that clear things up a bit?
  18. A tag or ID3 tag would be fine. Is there a way to do either?
  19. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but I perused the help me stuff and didn't see an answer for this... Is it possible to add data or metadata to a file as I'm saving it? I do voiceover work so I'm auditioning a lot and I'd like to be able to mark some auditions (mp3) I send out for future use. My perfect world situation would be to create a file, name it 'FileA' for the audition file but as I'm saving it insert a trigger letter/symbol that would add more information (such as 'Great Read') TO THAT FILE so that I can find it later. Is this possible with Alfred?
  20. Works! Thank you Vero! Quick question. Is it possible to do snippets with formatting? (Bold, italics, etc.) Thanks again
  21. How do I update to a pre-release? I am at 3.1 and it tells me I have the latest.
  22. Was excited because it actually worked but excitement was quickly dashed (about 5 minutes later) when I tried the exact same snippet in same document and it DIDN'T work. Do I need to fill out a support ticket?
  23. switched over to different user, activated power pack, created a snippet, opened Pages '09 and the snippet did NOT work. hmmm
  24. It pastes as expected. I don't use any other clipboard/snippet managers. HOWEVER, I have been using Text Expander but closed it down while experiencing this problem. How do I create a second profile (user?) that can access Aflred 3 with the power pack?
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