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  1. Hey @Andrew Ive done the re-indexing thing and didn't help. The shop I took it to did the Terminal shortcut and it helped for a bit but then the issue came back. I'll try the 'spotlight V100' thing but am not optimitistic.
  2. Anyone with Big Sur having issues with their indexing always 'indexing/bouncing back and forth?' I ask here because I've had a problem with my Mac Mini M1 always indexing. I've gone through the phone calls with Apple, taken it to a repair place but just can't get it to stop. The latest Senior advisor suggested (among other things) uninstalling Alfred as it relies (or at least, modifies) Spotlight. He didn't seem to think that uninstalling Alfred would fix it but I wanted to know if anyone else here has had similar issues. I've uninstalled Alfred and it's still indexing so....meh. Big Sur 11.2.3
  3. I migrated my macbook pro to a new Mac Mini (M1) and added the PowerPack to the Mini's Alfred but some stuff isn't quite right. For instance, it won't see an app I type the name for until AFTER I've gone to the applications folder and opened it with the mouse.
  4. Thanks. I'm hesitant to try anything that involves code unless I KNOW it's safe. That's why I ask here.
  5. I posted about needing to eject an external hard drive here but it has been marked 'solved' but I need to eject MORE THAN 1 external drive now. Do I modify that was posted in my original post? How do I do this? Thanks
  6. So I need to close 2 external hard drives with this. Can I just add "eject 'Volumes/DISK2?"
  7. Is there an Alfred work flow that can accomplish the same tasks that Hazel can do?
  8. I have a workflow setup to open a few apps with a keyword. Is there a way to add to the workflow something that will close all those apps down when I'm done?
  9. Looks like Duti is installed (via homebrew). So how do I incorporate it into a workflow?
  10. Cool. Will try that. I'm not familiar with loading command-line tools. How do I install this zip package?
  11. So this may be a stretch. But is there an app/code (or Alfred workflow) that would automatically change my Mac's default browser? I ask because I use Edge for work 🤨 and Firefox for home and I'd like something to preferably change my system's default browser to Edge in the morning and then back to Firefox after I'm done with work stuff. Maybe a program that switches based on time of day? I know, i know 'just switch it in each browser's preferences' but something going behind the scenes would make my workday a little easier. Thanks
  12. Does Sandwich Timer have a stopwatch function?
  13. Is there a workflow I can create that would allow me to start and stop a stopwatch/timer? I use Apimac Timer but would like to be able to just initiate Alfred instead of searching for the app and mouse-clicking the start button.
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