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  1. jvdmeij

    Spacious (another Spotlight inspired theme)

    This is a beauty!
  2. jvdmeij

    Div — simple windows manager

    Awesome, thanks for letting me know!
  3. jvdmeij

    Div — simple windows manager

    Same for me. Followed the steps and gave Alfred access to the accessibility tools. I have another extensions which is accessible via keyboard shortcuts, and that one works just fine. Would love some tips.
  4. If I enable it, it gets deleted immediately. Quite weird! There is a red error label on the top of the screen that says: The folder '/Public' is deleted. Edit: It works if I manually create a Public folder in finder. Thanks for the posts guys!
  5. Thanks for your reply Carlos-Sz, but when I enable the public folder, Dropbox immediately deletes is.
  6. I am stuck trying to find my Dropbox ID. Whenever I create a Public folder, it creates it, it notifies me I already have a public folder and then deleted it. The weird thing is that I don't have a public folder. Any idea how to find out your Dropbox ID in another way than using the public folder and share a file? Cheers!