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  1. Yes, it does what it should. Wouhld be great if this could be a standard functionality in Alfred. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I’d like to do the following in a workflow. – open alfred, use a keyword as a trigger – the trigger should open a specific folder (indexed network folder) in "search" or "browse in alfred" mode – hitting a result reveals the folder/file in Finder – optimum would be: folder/file actions Can this be done somehow? I know there are similar default workflows but they are triggered by hotkey or do something slightly different. thanks, Paul
  3. Hi supporters, I’d like to share a workflow which lets you open a new AirDrop window in Finder by typing "airdrop". Get the workflow here: download Please also find the source code on Github. Cheers, Paul Credits: based on an Alfred 1.x extension by @Johnathan1707.
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