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  1. This is a good reason and I can fully understand why you hesitate. If someone loses a file when moving it with Alfred the user is going to blame Alfred not the crappy filesystem. But on the other side I think it is bad user experience design if some essential command like this is not working as expected and there is no information why. Maybe you could implement an option in the File Search options panel or the Advanced preferences tab to switch the move behaviour to what the user expects it to be (move is moving the file every time)? There you could leave some explanation about t
  2. Hello, if I perform the "Move to..." file action on a file on my internal Mac SSD (on Desktop for example) and try to move it to an external drive Alfred is coping the file instead of moving it. I discussed the issue here: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11442-move-file-action-is-always-copying-instead-of-moving/ And the only other mention of this problem I could find is from 2013/2014: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1331-move-file-not-always-working/ As I understand, Alfred is using the Finder to move files and the default Finder functio
  3. Thank you for your reply. You are right, if it's coping instead of moving the destination is the external harddrive. But I am sure before the clean install it moved the files every time no matter where (I move a lot of files from my desktop to this external harddrive). I will try to create a workflow to replace the default move file action with my own.
  4. Hello, last weekend I did a complete clean install of my Mac and took the opportunity to completely start fresh with Alfred (Took the trash out from many years of workflow editing stuff and so on). I love Alfreds file actions and one of the main actions I do is moving files around. But since the fresh install of Sierra and the latest version of Alfred (everything is on default, just added two workflows) every "Move to.." file action copies the file to the destination instead of moving it. Is that a bug or do I have to flip a switch somewhere to move stuff around instead of coping?
  5. Hi Andrew, thanks for reply. So if Alfred 3 doesn't use PHP the problem is "fixed"? Even though I don't need any of the new features I think I will upgrade to Alfred 3 just to support the future development
  6. Hello, every time when I try to update Alfred 2 (I think since I bought it in March 2013) I get the message "Unable to verify". This bug has followed over with every Mac OS X update and clean install since then. I know about this thread: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2858-update-fails-with-unable-to-verify-for-every-release/ and I am sure the PHP on my Mac is fine (OS X 10.11.5). $ php -version PHP 5.5.34 (cli) (built: Apr 22 2016 19:16:58) ... $ whereis php /usr/bin/php $ php -r 'echo "Test";' Test The only way to update Alfred seems to be to download a fresh copy
  7. Thanks for your answer. I know it's reserved and that I could use a 1 charakter keyword for search, that's my actual setup, I was just curious if it's possible to disable the filesystem search and then use the spacebar as a keyword to search the web. But your tip with the default fallback search is quite helpful. I will try that for a while. Thanks a lot. (I do have the Powerpack, I should have made that clear upfront, sorry ^^)
  8. Hi, I rarely search my filesystem, but very often use Alfred to search the web. It'd be very handy if I could use the spacebar to start my Google searches, is that possible? Regards, Brian
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