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  1. I've recently started receiving an error with a Alfred workflow called "Create New File in Finder" Ruby Code _osa1 = 'tell application \"Finder\" to set insertionLocation to insertion location as alias' _osa2 = 'return POSIX path of insertionLocation' activeFinderPath = (`osascript -e "#{_osa1}" -e "#{_osa2}"`).strip filename = 'untitled' extension = 'txt' if '{query}' == 'help' || '{query}' == '?' system("open", "http://ianisted.co.uk/new-finder-file-alfred-2") exit else if '{query}' && '{query}'.include?(?.) filename = '{query}'.split('.')[0] extension = '{
  2. Thank you for providing your structured workflow and an app that is similar, it's very useful (for me anyway) looking at an app that I can look through the code !
  3. Thank you I updated my post to reflect your suggestions!
  4. Currently looking for help optimizing this workflow I don't have any programming experience, and anything beyond what I have already done is beyond my realm of knowledge. But, I did want to put this out their for anyone who would like to tidy it up and make it more user-friendly for other Alfred Users! Alfred-Sony-AV-Control An Alfred workflow for controlling Sony AV Receivers Currently working and tested for Sony STR-DN10xx (configured for my AV Unit (IP Address Poorly designed workflow, but it does in fact work. Problems Ability to pass arguments quicker (ex. it's currentl
  5. So this is my first time working with python and alfred scripts. So please bear with me. I was using deanishe's guide on creating a python script - but having some issues with the python script import sys import phonenumbers import geocoded x = "'{query}'" # input needs to be wrapped in quotes-is this called correctly? z = phonenumbers.parse(x, "US") phonenumbers.format_number(z, phonenumbers.PhoneNumberFormat.NATIONAL) # How do I return result into alfred? I'm using Googles Python Library phonenumbers https://github.com/daviddrysdale/python-phonenumbers
  6. OS X - v10.10.1 Alfred - v2.5.1 (308) [Powerpack] ----------------------------------------------- Opening up Clipboard Viewer is no longer showing my Clipboard History. All that appears in the Clipboard Viewer is "All Snippets" Troubleshooting Steps I've tried: Adding All Applications to "Ignore Apps" --> Then Reset Copying Strings in Different Applications (Safari, Notes, Mail etc..) Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Clear Application Cache Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Rebuild OS X Metadata Alfred 2 Preferences ➡️ Clear Knowledge Re-downloaded & Replaced Alfred Application
  7. I'm looking to integrate Alfred with Base CRM - Base Provides an extension for google chrome that allows you to search within base for customers/contacts/leads in Chromes search menu. I'm trying to implement this same solution within alfred. I've extracted the contents of this extension and put it on github https://github.com/SCalkins/Base_CRM_Alfred Also base provides a ruby RESTful API http://dev.futuresimple.com/ If someone can help me with this I would be in forever debt to you!
  8. Hey! Great Idea -- I Love it! I would love an easy way to get autosuggestions from websites using json with GET!
  9. I am "somewhat" I'm having trouble trying to figure out the process of getting it inside Alfred. I can return the results I want in terminal using curl and then using grep to filter out the json.. Beyond that I'm lost... Can you think of a workflow that what use a similar setup that I could look at ?
  10. Ok, so I'm needing help building a workflow where I type a {query} in the search window, and it returns results from monster.com autofill. Here are the request headers and response headers/response body. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do something like this? Accept: application/json, text/javascript, */* Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate,sdch Connection: keep-alive Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8 Referer: http://www.monster.com Host: www.monster.com Orgin: http://www.monster.com Content-Length: 10 User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_9
  11. I'm not using any language at the moment, I have yet to develop any workflow. I was attempting to do it with the custom web search. As far as developing a workflow is there any sample/example workflows that I can look at that might be similar to what I'm trying to accomplish?
  12. I'm trying to setup an alfred workflow to open a URL with a search query. Example: 1) I want to search for someone named 'John Doe' with the following domain: http://www.whitepages.com/name/John-Doe How do I Encode Spaces as '-' Dashes? 2) Same Scenario, but encode spaces as '/' OR '%2F' http://radaris.com/p/John%2FDoe/ http://radaris.com/p/John/Doe/
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